Game Theory Essentials

Ignore the basics at your peril

Whenever I give a daygame talk or chat to clients on coaching calls I’m perpetually shocked that guys are unaware of the basics (or even existence) of Game Theory. 

It’s not their fault. A guy getting into pickup in the last few years is bombarded with content about lifting, diet, Tinder, Instagram techniques, spiritual self-help, even politics. The fundamental principles of Game and pickup have been lost in the noise. 

Even worse is the fact that many coaches in the PUA scene today are actually anti-pickup. Either they don’t believe in the principles or knock them. The common advice you’ll read from such coaches is:

“Just go up to her and Be High Value. See if there’s a spark. If not then move on. That’s what Game is”


How can you correct this? Start with the fundamentals from over a decade ago. Read (or reread) “The Mystery Method.” In it you’ll get a solid breakdown of the basic three part structure of pickup (Attraction, Comfort, Seduction) and the necessary jargon that goes into each section.

Learn the components of flirting and breaking raport. Know an IOI from an IOD. Get a grasp on the techniques of rapport building. Brush up on the bouncing and escalating components of seduction.

Test yourself. Do you remember what a set is? A neg? Closing? How about Hook Point? Work out what a SOI, a FTC and a DHV are.

If I had to choose the four most important Game theory topics to teach a beginner then I’d focus on the following:

This isn’t all some hypothetical sociology. Pickup is a field-tested science (as well as an improvisational art) based on the principles of evolutionary biology. How men and women date and mate is not some dreamworld thinking, it can be tested, measured and tracked.

If all this is new to you then get the fundamentals memorised whilst you go out for some infield daygame to put it into action and see how it looks in the real world. To match up the London Daygame Model with the original Mystery Method M3 Model then listen to this talk I gave:

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