Judging Her Sex Life

A key tenant of being in the Secret Society is that you’re non-judgemental about the sex lives of girls and guys. Because the player is happily reaping the rewards of female promiscuity there’s no need for anger or resentment.

By shaming girls for having non-monogamous sex you’re automatically signalling that you’re on the outside of the Secret Society, looking in and masking your resentment as virtuous contempt.

Shaming tactics include being obsessed with “slutty” female behaviour, moralising about how they’d personally never be interested in such girls and expressions of an underlying Purity Fantasy about “good girls” who are more “chaste” and “upstanding.”

It’s ironic that the same guys who are online raging about “loose women” are also the ones Googling information on “how to bang girls quickly.”

Be reminded that by judging girls, you’re immediately excluding yourself from any possibility of sleeping with them. You’re displaying loud and clear that you’re not in the Secret Society and resentful that you’re on the other side of the wall.

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This podcast goes over the underlying characteristics of the Purity Fantasy and why it’s so damaging to your game:


This video from daygame in Japan explains why hunting for the “good girl” is also so flawed and detrimental to your pickup:

One thought on “Judging Her Sex Life”

  1. Great post again.

    It’s always baffling when I see PUAs start pushing purity fantasies.

    A libertarian approach to social and sexual norms is much more congruent for a player than obfuscating sexuality with ideologies whether from the left wing or right wing.

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