On Tilt

When I arrived in snowy sub-zero Russia in January to start my year of daygame I was Mr Needy. No leads, no dates, no girls that I could message to come over to keep me warm. As I trundled around the shopping centre opening sets I must have reeked of desperation.

It’s a chicken-and-egg situation. Lack of options means neediness, and neediness leads to poor Game and thus lack of options. This scarcity causes a daygamer to be “on tilt” as they say in poker:

“A poker term for a state of mental / emotional confusion or frustration in which a player adopts a less than optimal strategy, usually resulting in a player becoming overly needy”

As a pickup artist tilt means you’re over-pulling, you’re over keen. You send too many needy text messages, you chase her too hard. Like a man lost in the desert you cling to any drop of female affection you can find.

And what’s the number one attraction killer with girls? Neediness. So this tilt can cause a downward spiral of your mental state, frustrated by all the flakes and blue balls, leading to even worse Game decision making.

In this podcast from last year I go into the techniques you can use to keep a solid mental equilibrium when doing infield daygame to avoid this tilt.

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  1. Indeed, Tom. I found myself in a very similar situation lately, especially with a super hot girl from whom I really wanted to get the lay… There is no doubt that abundance is the key!

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