Asshole Game


This week’s Daygame Diagnosis is an infield displaying lots of elements of Asshole Game: playfully breaking rapport to create attraction by tonality, challenging, qualifying and disqualifying. Nice Guys should sit up and take notes on how the “power of the push” gets her interested.

Books mentioned at the end of the podcast:

Troy Francis: Cucked: Everything They Told You About Monogamy Is a Lie

Oswald Curragin: Millennials Among The Ruins

One thought on “Asshole Game”

  1. Superb as always Tom! Funnily enough I was listening to some Welsh singing earlier with my mum – couldn’t understand a bloody word (I swore!) but it sounded so good. I shall definitely lower my voice. Looking forward to your next installment. I’m off to London tomorrow as always 🙂

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