Black Sheep Bandit Update

UK -> Netherlands -> Germany -> Denmark -> Sweden

I packed up the van in Wales and set off last week for Europe via a stop in Hertford to film Episode 1 of the new series aboard a canal boat with an Irishman called Johnny.

From Harwich it was an overnight ferry to Holland with Troy Francis. We drove up to Hamburg for a night of degeneracy.

After leaving Troy in Germany I drove north to Denmark and up to Copenhagen across the Baltic Sea.

From there I crossed over into Sweden to begin my Scandinavian wilderness adventures properly. The aim now is to head to the Finnish-Russian border 500 miles from where I am so I’m within easy reach of my Slavic daygame destinations.

Series 2 of the Black Sheep Bandit will begin in the next few days once I’m driving less and editing more ;).

2 thoughts on “Black Sheep Bandit Update”

  1. Inspiring as ever Tom, you definitely walk the walk, I’m always impressed with how much you travel. Do you ever think you’ll settle down?

  2. That’s the spirit! I missed your bootcamp when I started out my journey. I’m on a different path of solo dragon slaying, but I will read your interesting journals. Hustle on!

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