Action Always Beats Intention

“Hi Tom,

I found your work as I was (am!) trying to incorporate cold approaching in to my life. I’ve had some good action over the years, but its been through work, hobbies and online, around 1% from approaching cold (massive room for improvement!).

BUT but what I stumbled across was inspired advice, observations, wisdoms, quotes on living & learning, life adventures, dealing with the weasels and ‘The Black Dog’, taking action rather than procrastinating… just saying FUCK IT and doing it, pushing though the doubting voices, ignoring the chattering negative mind, knowing that I’ll be up and down but its the way you deal with it that matters. Now I listen to your podcasts 75% to hear about life hacks / reminders of taking action. Thank you, man.

I’m an advertising exec, mid 40s, lucky to have worked over the world to start offices –  London (I’m from XXX), Stockholm, New York, Shanghai, San Fran (full of blokes – crap), Sydney and Tokyo. Great times, lots of girls. But what truly gives me energy and happiness is my hobby, oil painting and travel (great way to meet girls too). Well, I’ve been looking for a way to rebalance my life around my hobby, not my hobby around my work.. but didn’t have the balls to do anything about it, until your podcasts.

And now I’ve quit my full time job (I have lots of savings), am headed back to XXX from Tokyo (amazing city, but tough to find friends / a social life) to start my new life of freelancing for a 3-4 months then painting for about 9 months… anywhere in the world (likely an academy in XXX or XXX this Autumn). Its happening, its tinglingly exciting and scary, but if I don’t try I’ll never know and it feel fucking great.

I just wanted to write to say thank you for you wisdoms, ponderings, book recommendations, quotes, advice, all so generous and selfless. You are a total legend and you’ve helped people like me more than you know.


PS. It seems learning to paint is very much like the game ‘theory over practice’ issue. Everyone is watching how-to videos, waiting for the right colour paint tube, canvas, scene, weather, model… but its all about GETTING OUT THERE AND FUCKING PAINTING EVERY DAY. One of your podcasts put this in to place for me – something about Motivation follows Action.

Anyway sorry for the ramble, keep well!”

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