Are You A Black Sheep Bandit?

Fair point Jake, I haven’t defined what a Black Sheep Bandit is in concrete terms up till now. Yes, it’s about freedom from the herd and holding the frame but we can be more precise.

A sheep has four legs (last time I checked, which is quite often if you’re Welsh). And a Black Sheep Bandit matches four criteria:

1. He is self-employed (no boss or company hierarchy to follow)

2. He can get girls (without paying or feeding off scraps) but is not monogamous

3. He lives where he wants (so is non-monogamous with places)

4. He spends his time doing what he wants more than working


That’s it in a nutshell. Of course there’s a lot more detail to each point and meta mindsets that are needed to pull all four off, but for now that’s enough to know how much freedom you have in your present situation.

Married or in a monogamous relationship – not a Black Sheep Bandit.

Can’t get girls and have no dating options – not a Black Sheep Bandit.

Have a boss breathing down your neck – not a Black Sheep Bandit.

Stuck in a city with a mortgage – not a Black Sheep Bandit

Working way more than doing hobbies – not a Black Sheep Bandit

…..etc, etc…..

4 thoughts on “Are You A Black Sheep Bandit?”

  1. I can tick off 2 and 3 but not 1 and 4 as I still work for a company, even though I travel a lot with work. Once I can get myself out of the corporate world I hope to be as free as you.

  2. Cheers for the spontaneous demo set, extremely impressive and motivating, will buy you a beer when you return to Sweden:))

    Safe travels north Tom and happy travels:)

  3. It’d be cool Tom, if you could do a doco on Black Sheep Bandits around the world and not just ones living in the UK and Europe, where you’d interview them on how they became one and what challenges if any, they had to overcome and/or are still working on.

    As there’s some day gamer guys who are financially independent/self employed, but they’re based in a location they need to be in, in reality you’d need to be digital nomad to be a Tom Torero BSB, where you’d have an online business you can run anywhere with a laptop and internet connection. It’d be even better, if you’re a digital nomad and you’ve also made other good investments. Or you have a very successful business, but you employ someone reliable to run it for you. I’ve met Ian, when he was visiting Australia.

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