Harem Hustle #9: The Talk

This is a good example over text of “The Talk” that you have to give a girl who is getting too clingy if you want to keep sleeping with her in a non-monogamous way.

It’s better if things are understood implicitly and you don’t have to get to the stage of verbalising it but after sleeping with a girl over weeks and months you’ll often have to remind her of the nature of your relationship.

Nice Guys worry that by having The Talk about non-monogamy they’ll lose the girl because she won’t tolerate being Friends With Benefits. As you can see from the above example, girls actually accept this Secret Society frame as long as you’re open about it towards the start of the relationship.

To maintain a harem of girls you have to do it from this lover frame. If you’re pretending to be her monogamous boyfriend then things are going to go backfire pretty quickly.

4 thoughts on “Harem Hustle #9: The Talk”

    1. You’re either a girl’s lover / fuckboy (which is Secret Society sex) or you’re her boyfriend / provider.

  1. Tom,

    I believe you had a podcast that went into more detail about this topic. I can’t seem to find it, can you link it?

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