My 10 Favourite Push-Pull Pickup Lines

The Ted Bundy approach

These are my favourite cocky-funny lines I use to build attraction with girls during my daygame and dating. Notice how they all combine a compliment (pull) with a tease (push). That’s the secret of good flirting.

It’s vital that the delivery is light and playful. You need a twinkle in your eye and a cheeky smirk as you say them so she knows it’s just banter.


You’re so cute, it’s sickening

You smell nice, like my grandma

I like you, you’re fun, but don’t get a big head

You’re cool, despite what everyone else says

Cute kitten on the outside, wild tiger on the inside

You’re really interesting. My first impression was wrong

That’s cool, you get permission to cook me dinner

You’re very attractive. Just not my type

That’s pretty cool…for a girl

Cute but feisty, I like it


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