Losing My Virginity Through Daygame

True romance in Marks & Spencer

“Hi Tom,

Sit back and grab some Earl Grey, this is a long one

My name is XXX, I’m 18 and last night I lost my virginity through daygame.

Despite being a decent looking guy I was never particularly good with girls (mainly due to being a fat nerd when I was younger), I had a couple of girls who were into me when I was about 14 but I was too scared to pull the trigger and ask them out. Before daygame I had never even kissed a girl

I started doing pickup in August in XXXX with my older brother who introduced me to game and I did my first 60ish sets there. Then I started taking trips to London to bash out the approaches in volume. I decided London was the place to be and I’ve now permanently moved to London on my own to get good at pickup, no more mummy cooking and washing for me.

As everyone loves to hear, before the accomplishment of my first lay there was a lot of pain and suffering. My first near miss wasn’t from daygame but was a customer from work (I work in a shop) who added me on facebook out of the blue. I went on three dates, went back to hers and was about to fuck her but I had erectile dysfunction (because of years of too much porn) and couldn’t do the deed.

My second near miss was from a daygame approach. I met a girl in Covent Garden while out with a wing and she came out on the date. I did the two venue model, bounced her to my Airbnb and got a blowjob, the next morning I was about to fuck her and again the ED happened. After that I learned my lesson; I haven’t watched porn since and have invested in some viagra.

I met last nights girl in the basement of M&S around lunchtime on Wednesday while out with my brother. She came out on a date the next day, and I ran my regular dating routines (mostly copied from you) over two drinks at the hippodrome casino. Then I went for the long bounce back to my home in zone 5 and she was happy to oblige.

I let her play my guitar and then put on the seductive lighting, and you can tell what happened next. It wasn’t vanilla missionary sex like I imagine most guy’s first times go; it was rough fucking in a few positions, dirty talk, spanking, pulling hair, finger in her mouth and asshole, light choking…

I’d like to say a massive thanks for all the great content, and I hope this has been an enjoyable read. Good luck with your hareem hustle

All the best,


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