I Hate Self Development


Why are pickup and “self development” two very different things? What makes daygame separate from “life coaching” and why do guys confuse the two? This week’s daygame podcast dives deep into the murky waters of self improvement.

9 thoughts on “I Hate Self Development”

  1. Agree 100%. Thanks for having the balls to say what I’ve been thinking for years. It’s very refreshing that you keep this away from politics and the nuts “Alt Right” beliefs of the “Red Pill” groups who have infested pickup with angry conspiracy nonsense.

  2. Loosing track with your travelling. Lay report from Russia on 9th of May, now Finland and then Estonia? Or the podcast predates the lay report from Russia

    1. He was in Russia then Helsinki on the weekend where I gamed with him briefly. Think he was driving his van down to Baltics before Russia again, watch his travel vids bro

        1. It does make sense…. he was in St Petersburg until 10th May then he came to Helsinki on weekend 11/12th when I day gamed with him in Kallio district. Then Monday he said he was taking his bus on the ferry to Tallinn.

  3. Tom…thank you!
    Opened a Chinese tourist at an attraction very near my home in SF last Friday around noon. 8 minute conversation, # close, good number, teasing push/pull text, response!!…and she comes out with me for a date to a blues club same night. Un-fucking-real. No same night lay (venue issues and perhaps insufficient escalation through the evening) but still…three months ago such a sequence of events was inconceivable for me. Still growing/still learning, but I have to say your techniques, demonstrations, and attitude have been huge for me. ps: I’m 60…she was 31. I reflected on your comment, “somewhere out there is a lonely yes girl just waiting for you to sweep her up!”. Indeed, indeed!!! Thank you ever so kindly.

  4. Tom, I need this podcast episode. I have been caught up in this self-help spiral for so many months and all I have to show for is just guilt. Makes me wonder what has changed in me? Lotta takeaways. Keep rocking fella.

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