Back Into The Swing Of Things

“Dear Uncle Tom,

It feels a little strange calling you uncle considering I’m 53 now. You feel more like a little brother that outlived and out gamed his big brother. So as brotherly love goes, I feel very fortunate for my own sake that I discovered you and so proud of what you have achieved.

I’m going to write you a bit of a long story now because I feel that you like a long story. I hope it’s a good story. Who knows, maybe you will want to read it on your podcast 200. I’d be thrilled.

I discovered you on March 15, 2019 where you were mentioned in an online pick up course I was doing. Since then, I’ve been listening to your podcasts, sometimes in marathon sessions in my spare time and while travelling. I think you hooked me instantly. You’re quite a seducer Tom.

For the past 2 months I have been practicing your teachings with small successes. I’m afraid I can’t offer any lay reports yet. Not even close. Due to my crippling AA, I’ve only managed 15 sets, 10 number closes, and 2 dates with 2 girls. Both were 30 yrs old and in the 7 to 8 range. I do however try to be more charming and seductive with all my interactions now. It just improves my vibe overall and I feel happier doing it.

I’m currently on a flight from Seoul to my home in XXXX and instead of trying to sleep, I felt compelled to write to you. I work on small to large construction projects worldwide for weeks or months at a time, so I get plenty of time for daygame. Since January I’ve been working in China and Korea. I spent the last week in XXXX where I did 8 approaches and got 1 date. I was at the beach and I felt a pretty good vibe.

Then it all came crashing down and last night I had a bit of a mental meltdown. I was in XXXXX where I researched was a good place to meet hot girls. Well indeed there were a lot of hotties. I suffered 3 blowouts in a row and it rattled me hard. I spent the next 2 hours walking around in a depressed daze with the weasels spinning in my head. I wanted to do more approaches, but I didn’t. I was crushed. 

This however, is not a story of defeat and despair Tom. I know that these rejections are just what I need to grow. I’ve never put my ego on the line like this before and it is fucking painful. I’ve been the classic Mr Nice Guy all my life. From a very early age in Catholic school, I remember studying stories of Jesus and how he loved and helped so many people and was so kind to everyone. I bought into this load of crap and told myself that I want to be just like that. In the process I denied myself of my natural emotions and behaviour and suppressed my desires and internalised so much shame.

When I was a teenager, girls would give me huge IOI’s. Peers would tell me how much  certain girls liked me but I almost always choked from the pressure. I had a few GF’s as a teenager but nothing stuck. I realise now, that I was just too nice. 

After high school, I moved out and shortly after, met my first wife. We had 2 kids together but split up when I was 30. I woke up one day and decided that I could not live with this  crazy woman any longer.

Shortly after that I met wife 2. This lasted until I was 50 and as far as marriage goes, it was actually pretty good. We had some fun sexual adventures. Mostly swinging, and a few random hook ups with her friends. Then  we decided to open our marriage and I managed to seduce a hot 33 yr old yoga body French Canadian. I got serious one-itis for this girl and my wife felt rejected and left me. 

Now this girl lives with me. She is very different from my last wife. When you say the girl is your mirror, well this one sure as fuck is that. She has called me out on all my needy behaviors and has indirectly brought me to this point. 

Now I’m on my way home to face the next phase of my life. I’ve taken the red pill Tom and like you said, if I don’t turn it into action, it will destroy me. So my plan is to have this girl as  part of a harem but if that doesn’t work then I will have to shoot the puppy. I cannot be monogamous any longer.

The thought of being single again after 33 yrs is a little scary, but actually not as scary as jumping in front of a hot girl. I’m a pretty fit and handsome guy Tom. I have early and current reference of hot girls being attracted to me, so I know I can climb this daygame mountain and I’m proud of myself for just taking some baby steps for now.

Thank you Tom for all that you have done for us men who lost our way. You are a beacon in the fog and the most influential man I have ever known or read. You have shown me a new path for my life. You are helping me remember who I really am. A confident, successful, masculine, and most importantly, an unapologetically sexual man.

Cheers mate,

Mr Freeme”

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  1. Man, Im your age and my journey started 3 years ago. Until now I approached app. 600-700 girls. And my journey is not at the end. I have no approach anxiety anymore. Nevertheless hard drop spells are part of the game. Hard, but: Only consistency will bring success. Im wondering how Tom can do this every day and when its cold outside :). But this is how mastery will be achieved. Ego must get a shutdown. This is hard especially for handsome guys. Try to set achievable goals
    One boost in my game was to approach 10-15 girls per day instead of 2-3.
    I wish you all the best. You are at the start point and great things will happen if you stay consistent.

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