Reframe 101


There are two classic ways to overcome someone trying to ‘take the frame’ in an interaction and pass that particular ‘shit test’…

  1. Ignore. Be non-reactive. Change topic. Move on
  2. Agree & Amplify (‘Cocky Funny’). Mock. Tease. Playfully accuse

For this article I’ll just focus on the second method – learning to reframe things using the cocky funny approach. 

Remember that these are just examples. Make them your own. And delivery (voice tonality, facial expressions plus an underlying playfulness) is essential. She has to know it’s just flirting. Any sign of being reactive or sour means you’ve lost the frame.

*  *  *  *  *

“Do you stop and talk to every girl on the street?”

You’re number 113 today, I need a break


Only the cute ones


“How old are you?!”

Too old for you


87 but I’ve had plastic surgery


“Sorry I have a boyfriend”

I’ve also got a boyfriend, but he’s in prison


Aww, cute, I’ve got a dog


“Is that a pick-up line?”

If you want it to be


Let me try another one…Do you come from Jamaica? Because you’re Ja-making me crazy 😉


“Why aren’t you married?”

I’m looking for a Sugar Mommy so I can put my feet up


I’ve got 6 wives, but I take the day off on Sundays


“How tall are you?”

Above average…where it counts 


“Buy me a drink”

You’ve got to earn it….name the five oceans of the world…


Does that work on other guys?!


“You just want to get laid”

Slow down, you’ve got a filthy mind, I’m not that easy


“You’re sexist”

I think the word you’re looking for is sexiest 


“Your shirt / shoes / tie / hat sucks”

Stop checking me out, I’m not just a piece of meat! 


*  *  *  *  *

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