Tom Torero Podcast Review

“Tom’s been great for a while now. I’ve been listening on and off since the early episodes, and they are as good now as they were then. Episode 190 is exceptionally good. Keep up the good work bro” – Ranks22


“Better information than paid content. Entertaining, humorous, instructive and addictive. This guy knows his stuff. How he has managed to keep me listening for all these years and still keep me interested is thanks to his content and delivery. What’s amazing is that his starting podcasts are still so good to listen to. Tom’s cheeky personality always comes through and it’s easy to see he followed what he preaches. Thank you sir” – Y0u5uf


“Best daygame podcast around and also great stuff about the nomadic lifestyle, travel, financial freedom. Thanks Uncle Tom!” – Mr Oscar S


“Such great content – informative and intelligent, advice and weekly wisdom from Uncle Tom. Such a good listen. If you’re new to this podcast, listen to them in order. They’re great to listen to while you’re walking or commuting to work” – Shopper


“Brilliant. Best pickup podcast and coach around, keep the good stuff up Tom” – Ahsucrnfufushx


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