In Praise Of Pickup

Picking up girls using a strategic understanding of Game principles will never be embraced by society at large. By definition, if you’re rising to the top of the Sexual Market Place then others are floundering. There’s no draw in Darwinism.

PUAs have always been under fire from feminists with the predictably inaccurate slurs of “sexist,” “misogynist” and “creep.” It’s par for the course that if you want access to the Secret Society of anonymous casual sex then your frame is going to be challenged.

What’s growing, however, is the criticism that PUAs are getting from traditional conservative men. “Degenerate,” “sinner” and “lost soul” are all words hurled at guys picking up girls by men who are no longer in the Sexual Market Place in an attempt to shame them and tear down the Secret Society.

It’s ironic that the facts of evolutionary biology that formed the bedrock of PUA theory are now being smeared (or even denied) by both angry feminists and traditional White Knights. “If I’m not getting laid then nobody else can” is the new mantra against mating.ย “We must regulate the Sexual Market Place to stop those at the top.”

What can a PUA do about such critics? Nothing. Treat them like a meta shit test. Smile and nod. Agree & Amplify. “Yes, I’m a very naughty boy.”ย Yes, I think she needs to be spanked.”

Strip away the contamination of pickup pollutants like political and religious ideologies. Get back to basics. Remind yourself of biological truths by reading (or re-reading) Dawkins, Dennett, Buss and Pinker. I’ve put some key reading below.

But most importantly of all get back infield and talk to some pretty girls to realise that the real world outside of your social media accounts is doing just fine. Keep on keeping on. Biology always beats ideology in the end.

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  • The Selfish Gene – Richard Dawkins
  • The Evolution Of Desire – David Buss
  • Darwin’s Dangerous Idea – Daniel Dennet
  • The Blank Slate – Steven Pinker

4 thoughts on “In Praise Of Pickup”

  1. Co-sign this 100% How guys can not like promiscuous girls and birth control is beyond me. Sad that so many party poopers are trying to tear down pick up.

  2. Makes me chuckle that both the feminists and the Trad Cons are two sides of the same coin. It’s sexual dregs trying to change the market instead of changing themselves. This collectivist victimhood is communism plain and simple. Only the inferior strive for equality. Let them screech themselves to death while the winners keep on winning.

    Viva la daygame!

    1. Nice thoughts SFDaygame, this community is infested with boring squares who are now preaching celibacy. More pussy for the rest of us ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Given the shitshow that’s taking place in the wider community, gotta give kudos to Tom for always staying away from the politics, religion and societal topics that float around and keeping consistent and pure with the daygame content.

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