Mini Victories


I wanted to share with you my mini victory today. 

I made it, finally.. cute girl walked past me, I turn around, start walking towards her, instead of focusing on the anxiety I focused my attention inwards inside my body (what I’m feeling) and just looking at her juicy ass. I do a front stop, give enough space and stand right at 12 o’clock.. she stops. I look her in the eye and deliver a compliment and a geography stack without pausing, my body language wasn’t great so she didn’t hook but thanked me for the approach. 

Few minutes later I approach a standing girl, deliver compliment, geography stack and story about me living with a girl from Korea with a serious Tinder addiction … 😉  She laughs and quickly hooked but after that I kind of went into questions and felt the energy go down.. nonetheless I pushed for the number and got it even though she was reluctant but I remembered to always be closing. This is my first number ever from daygame. 

Last approach was a girl sitting, delivered a compliment and then tried to freestyle but it was bumpy so I ejected but made her smile and she thanked me (importance of sticking with the structure).

What helped me the most today is I was directing all my focus inwards towards my body as I was walking in the streets, I tried to be present and feel the street and get in tune with its frequency (feel one with the street), I also tried to look at surroundings with a positive frame. Ive only been doing solo daygame so 

I have a lot of work to do but one truth is the girl is my mirror so I got a lot of feedback on things I should work on (voice, posture..etc). 

I know this is nothing relative to daygame success but it was an important day for me as it gave me a glimpse of what’s possible. I just wanted to share with you and thank you for what you taught me.

Mr S”

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