Music For Sweet Love Making

The boys want it fast (just like mum)

She’s back at your place, shoes off, mood lighting on. What are some tunes to put on as the jiggy jiggy gets going?

It’s partly a trick question because the first principle to remember is that you get her putting on her music, rather than imposing your Pink Floyd Extended Live collection on the moment. Give her the laptop, let her connect her phone to the bluetooth speaker and bite your tongue as she plays her Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars. It’s comfortable and familiar for her.

That’s all well and good for sitting on the sofa, drinking wine and fooling around. But when it comes to moving to the bedroom it’s time to take back the laptop and put on some of your pre-prepared long ambient mixes which you’ll not need to change for the next hour or so.

If the YouTube versions have ad-breaks, make sure to download an mp3 version without any interruptions. Have them saved on your desktop so there’s no fumbling around or drops from a bad wifi connection.

For the last 8 years I’ve had these two classic mixes ready to go:



This one’s slightly darker but it’s the same SheepyMix vibes…


And a bonus track which I consider to be the best sex music in existence for the non sickly sweet romantic variety…

* * * * *

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6 thoughts on “Music For Sweet Love Making”

  1. Tom, unrelated topic but what’s your opinion of day game content creators who are anonymous? Can you tell from a guy’s blog how good his game is or if the advice is worth taking?

    Enjoy your summer break, missing the podcast for my work commute!

    1. Lots of keyboard players, posturing, know-it-alls. I’d ask to see a range of infields and even better see them in action. Don’t go by blogs or Twitter, it’s a lot of smoke screens.
      Tom – I’ve sent you my podcast 200 mp3. Looking forward to hearing it on air.

  2. Maybe old school but Jon Klemmer’s Barefoot Ballet and Touch are incredible sexy sax music albums from the 70’s. Just start one of ’em at the first tune on the album on spotify and you are good for 40 minutes or so…

  3. Tom you’re the most real guy in this field. sharing what music you have in the background and which movie you watch, that’s the real stuff.

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