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If you’ve been doing daygame pickup for a while you’ll cringe like me at everyday smalltalk. It will feel more and more unnatural to swim in the stagnant pool of comfort chit-chat with shop assistants, waitresses and so on.

Service staff smalltalk is robotic and monotonous. Think of the barber who cuts your hair and asks about your day, your job and chats about the weather or football scores.

Comfort quicksand is the death of attraction. A player should use these moments of drudgery to practice spiking things up with some playful banter. Notice how happily shocked the person is when you reply to their predictably dry question with a witty answer. It’s that rare that you’ll even get free coffees, flight upgrades and discounts from shop staff just by waking them up from their robotic script.

Below are some examples I often use when faced with smalltalk. I use them to keep my vibe up and my banter skills sharp when not out daygaming. Note that your delivery needs to be on point. There needs to be that sparkle about you so they know you’re being playful, not uncalibrated.


How are you? / How’s your day going?

Got the body, got the blonde…living the dream 

Just got out of prison 

Trying to behave 


What would you like?

A bottle of vodka 

I’m looking for love 


How was the meal?



Do you want any cakes or pastries with that?

I’m on a diet….getting my bikini body ready for the summer


The weather is so cold/hot today huh…

As cold as my ex-girlfriend

As hot as a British accent 


What’s your name?

Tom….like Tom & Jerry

Tom…like Tom Cruise, just taller


What’s your job?

Bodybuilder, isn’t it obvious?!

Spy….oops, now I’m going to have to kill you

International Sex Symbol. No photos sorry. 

Professional hot tub installer 


Where are you from?

You’re not going to follow me home are you?!

Heaven 😉

*  *  *  *  *

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  1. I noticed you doing this a lot in Singapore with that cheeky chappy British irony. I’m trying to incorporate it as I go about my day. As you say the delivery is everything.

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