Daygame Travel AMA

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For the next couple of weeks I’ll be answering any questions you leave below this post specifically on daygame travel. That means topics about meeting girls during the day in different countries and cities around the world. Included in this can be questions on travel logistics, minimalism, the nomadic lifestyle etc. I’ll maybe put the most interesting questions in my new book on Black Sheep Bandit living which I’m working on right now.

NB: No questions about Tinder, online dating, night game (bars & clubs) or Pay-For-Play. Just daygame. 

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    1. Hottest girls: Russia (+ Ukraine/Belarus), Iran, Colombia, Serbia

      Easiest daygame: Las Vegas (gutter game), Munich, Poland, SE Asia

  1. Secret daygame destinations your willing to share Tommy boy?! And cities that have too many daygamers right now?

    1. I take some responsibility for cities like Prague and Kiev getting flooded with daygamers over the years. So now I don’t shout certain cities from the rooftops, but underrated places include Brno (Czech Republic), Dallas (USA), Antwerp (Belgium), Kharkiv (Ukraine).

      Go try new ones. Don’t follow the herd 😉

      1. Hi Tom,

        I’m from Antwerp and gotten into daygame about 8 months ago.
        I only managed to get 3 lays, but all foreign girls.
        I just did my first daygametrip to get some coaching in Latvia and oh my these girls were so much more receptive and hotter than here in Belgium.

        What’s your own experience here?
        In comparison to Riga the girls here tend to not open up/hook easily…


        1. I would like to comment on your post Epices.

          Girls in Riga are hot, receptive and polite, this is why it is a good daygame destination. But… things get difficult when asking for numbers … whereas in Russia getting the number is not a problem at all… it just called my attention this fact about ph numbers. It looks like they feel slutty if they give ou their ph numbers. Not to mention getting dates boy. Riga is a very small city where everyone knows each other. still, I love it.

    1. 1. Japan (cyberpunk cities and serene nature)
      2. New Zealand (South Island nature)
      3. Canada (Rockies)
      4. Scandinavia (lakes/forests)
      5. French/Swiss/Italian Alps (mountains)

  2. Any updates or changes to Cold Calling or Torero Travels? Eg. The girls in St. Petersburg Russia are no longer pretty, ONS are easier in Kiev than before, Moscow still has the hottest girls in the world, etc.

    1. Quite a few updates needed, I’m considering a 2nd Edition of ‘Cold Calling.’ On the surface Russia/Ukraine/Belarus are modernising at a rapid rate. Fast trains, online booking, modern apartments, hipster cafes and bars, tattoos etc. But female biology is slower to catch up, so still multiple dates to sex and difficult Game in general. Big changes to Minsk because of visa regulations so lots of tourists. High number of day and night gamers in Kiev and Moscow when weather is good. However the girls are still girls, genetics is still genetics, so core Slavic principles described in the book remain unchanged.

      1. Still don’t understand why you’re happy to give away all these details on the best spots. Absolutely no point mate.

    2. I am in Saint Pete now and it s true, girls here are not as hot as they were in 2010 say.
      first day I came here this week I rated quality very low, but after some days I can say it is a city where you can still see a lot of beatiful girls. may be not in nievsky prospect anymore especially the tourist area, near the museums, kazanski cathedral, etc. That part of the city it s too crowded for daygame btw
      In galleria mall it is easy to see lots of beautiful girls, but these consumerist girls are not easely approachable

  3. Imagine you are 60. How (if at all) would (will) you adjust your daygame strategies and tactics? And how would it impact your choice of destination cities?

    1. Game principles (Attraction – Comfort – Seduction) don’t change whatever age you are. But if you’re 60 then you’re going to be tweaking your value delivery system. Fitness / fashion / grooming handled (with a Bond / Sinatra / Clooney type vibe). Opening girls in their 30s. Resisting the urge to use Sugar Daddy methods (so avoiding SE Asia, Cuba, Dom Rep etc unless you have to). But the strategies, tactics and techniques are unchanging. Game is Game.

  4. Have you ever been to the Caribbean to daygame? If yes, what was your experience? If no, do you plan to go there? Or is it not your cup of tea?

    1. Only San Andrés (a Colombian island in the Caribbean sea) with some very hot chicas. Easy to open and number close but flakey over texts and fiery on dates in true Latino style.

  5. Tom, I have heard the English levels in Kharkiv are terrible. Can you confirm the English levels are manageable? Trying to do it all on google translate is tough.

    1. Less English actually means stronger seductions. Everything’s slowed down. Man-to-woman body language and sub-coms. Don’t be put off when girls don’t speak English (in Japan and many 2nd/3rd tier Russian/Ukrainian cities it’s very poor). Verbal is the poor man’s non-verbal.

  6. 55 countries visited for daygame, others on the top of my list to try include: Lebanon, Israel, Ethiopia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Argentina, Chile…

  7. Hi Tom,
    I am from Dubai and have started my daygame career here….Still no lays but got a good amount of approaches and numbers in and a few dates. I have heard you say seduction is easier in a twisted way in Dubai/Middle east because of the pressure cooker effect, but would you say for a beginner getting hold of the reins that another place would be better(Mind you the sets are quite plenty in Dubai to match any major Daygame hub). Second thing, if you had to choose which place is harder to game, FSU or Dubai/AbuDhabhi, which one would you choose?……. Finally last question, related to DAYGAME is, You have been with many girls, Does ethnicity pose an issue, I am ethnically Pakistani and unconsciously this thing holds me back…. Funny enough before Daygame/approaching I wasn’t even aware of this sticking point. I believe a white man has quiet an advantage over an Indian/Pakistani person in DAYGAME. How do you get over this ethnicity sticking point in as practical way as possible?

    Thanks in advance, Cheers

    1. If you’re new then practice on tourists / foreign workers in the malls of Dubai rather than locals.

      Getting laid from daygame is harder in the FSU than in Dubai. The Middle East is about discretion.

      Different ethnicities do well in different countries. I’ve seen Pakistani guys do well in Scandinavia (along with black guys), just like blonde guys do well in Brazil. Capitalise on this genetic contrast principle.

    1. Do some reconnaissance on Google maps. Find the shopping streets, malls, high foot traffic areas, parks etc. Then when you arrive book 1 or 2 nights in a hotel / hostel until you’ve walked the area and found somewhere to stay long term. Make sure cafes / bars / metro are near there too.

      This video covers it:

  8. Hey Tom, I am currently in central asia. Stayed in Almaty, now Bishkek and later Tashkent and perhaps Tajikistan. I remember you’ve been to Kazakhstan and wasn’t very pleased. The quality is so so, but although I spent time in the nature and didn’t do much game, I got two notches there (one from a girl I’ve met in Minsk before). Have to be aware of girls looking for english lessons. Any experience from Bishkek?

    1. Good to hear you’re trailblazing Tobias. I only went to Almaty in Kazakhstan. Disappointed with the quality and volume. Russia far hotter. But was a wild adventure with spectacular mountains.

  9. Minimal travelling requires you to pack very few items in your bag, do you manage to wash your underwear everyday?
    Do you carry more underwear than clothes?
    I know it’s an odd question.
    Thanks for your contents over these years!

    1. City bikes, cheap pedal boats, karaoke, play pool… the best so far has been a gun range in Poland. Massive rush of adrenaline and dopamine for her.

      1. Depends which side of the world you live. For Europeans try Poland, Czech Republic or the Baltics. For Americans try Brazil, Colombia or Mexico.

  10. I find guys don’t realise how hard the actual notch is in Russia and FSU. They get blindsided by the initial interest, phone number and dates (to nowhere). So many guys here in Kyiv getting zero or low amount of bangs from daygame and just lower tier girls from Tinder.

    What would be your main advice for sealing the deal in Russia and FSU as I know you have been banging girls in these countries for years?

    1. Russian/FSU daygame is about strong frame and patience. Lead, lead, lead. Replace witty banter with balls.

    2. Yes MrW!!! I am now in Saint Petersburg and situation is as you have described… initial interest that leads to nowhere…

  11. Hey uncle, you dont have video in turkey but i know you were here at 2014 i think. You was talking about how womans being shapeshifter, and giving example a turkish girl that you met on england and turkey. İ know this shapeshifter issue applicable to every woman.

    But here we are, me and my wingman have been doing daygame almost one year in turkey. We just got 1 lay. We considired every step we did, we changed the game, solved the sticking points(aprroach anxiety, approach in everywhere we want, stuck, strong open, well close, kiss close, mall game.. etc) and shaking things up as you sad on o youtube video called “Should you quit daygame”.

    And now, we understand being abroad is the key as you say. Because if you are local, you have absoultly less chance to get laid.

    Do you accept it or would you like to add someting on it?

    1. Local Turkish guys sleep with Turkish girls, it’s not correct that you have to go abroad. I’d find a local coach to watch you and your wing in action. Tourist game works in Antalya, Bodrum etc but you should be able to succeed with Turkish girls before travelling far to daygame.

    1. Be careful of the ‘anger phase’ of blaming girls not your skill. Paris is a solid city for daygame just a lot smaller than London. I used to stay by Opéra metro where the catwalk model agencies are. Or open tourists in Monmartre if you’re starting out.

  12. Hi Tom,
    I live in a Canadian city with lots of other brown males like myself. I feel it lowers my SMV sometimes when I’m approaching white girls. Should I change my daygame approach or try to move to a different city?
    Thanks for doing this man!

    1. Focus on your skill set, not worrying about the SMV of others.

      Experiment with approaching different ethnicities: Latinas, Asians, white girls. See what the best reactions are.

  13. Most dangerous cities for daygame you’ve been to (I don’t mean general city crime but sketchy daygame situations)?

    1. Cape Town daygame on Long Street / CBD was sketchy. Colombian daygame in parts of Bogota and Medellin is high risk. Faced punches from angry guys in Russia and Kazakhstan. Best advice is find a local wing to show you around.

      1. What parts of Medellín are high risk for daygame? I’ve heard El Centro is relatively dangerous in terms of crime.

  14. How about Bratislava, Slovakia? Have you ever visited this part of Europe and what is your opinion/advice about slovakian girls? Thanks!

  15. When visiting a new city for the first time, how long should you plan on staying to test the daygame waters?
    Have you ever cut a trip short because the daygame or quality of women was poor?

    1. Initially go for 5-7 days. Doing 30-50 approaches there is enough to give you solid data on whether the city works for you.

      I’ve cut trips short to Tbilisi (Georgia), Bucharest (Romania), Sofia (Bulgaria) mostly because of lack of volume or hotness. Sometimes I’ve gone in the wrong season and missed the university or when there’s a big holiday.

      1. Tom, what’s your honest opinion of romanian girls? Are they harder to game? I know you ve got some notches with some romanian girls in London. Why did you cut short your Bucharest trip? The girls there can be quite hot.

        1. Romanian girls are hot, but many have emigrated to study/work abroad so you can find plenty in London. Bucharest volume was disappointing and the city layout not ideal for pedestrian flow.

  16. Countries with the most promiscuous women (and btw I’m not complaining, that’s what a player is looking for!)….?

    1. Some of my first ever indirect approaches in 2007 were in Las Palmas Gran Canaria when I was living there for a year as a teacher. I’d ask girls directions to El Corte Inglés and then swap details under the pretence of “language exchange.” Shaky start but happy memories. Las Palmas is also where I came up with the nickname ‘Torero.’

      Canaries too small for regular cold approach daygame but I’d focus on night game in the tourist spots.

  17. Hi Tom do you find your libido decreasing over time if so what are your thoughts moving forward, as it were 😉

  18. Thanks for doing this Tom. Always the giver never the receiver hah

    Nationalities best in bed and nationalities worst in bed? For me I’ve found South American chicks to be the most passionate in general.

    Looking forward to the podcasts starting again next month I hope 😀

    1. I agree Aksel, most passionate = Colombian, Venezuelan, Brazilian. Russians can be great but they’re less authentic, like they’re mirroring a porno scene.

      Worst = Awkwardness of Asian girls, masculine vibes of German girls

  19. Q1: When you go to a place where you are for like one week, how do you go from lead to close in a few days as the girls are slow in replying, busy with work and study and stuff, only available to come out in the weekend. They have a life to maintain too. It’s also as if it has no use to go daygaming in the last 2,3 days as you are leaving soon.
    Q2: How do you do “long game” as communications starts fading out the moment you leave the country. Maybe a topic for a pod cast?

    1. Follow a two-tier system:

      1. Fast notches with SDL, gutter game and ‘Yes’ girls from one or two dates. Even if it’s the last few days, go for the SDLs.

      2. Long game leads. Take them on 1 or 2 dates during your trip then when you’re home follow the usual pinging (text / photo / audio). For the strong leads progress things to video chats and follow up on repeat visits.

    1. Italian daygame definitely worth it, I’ve taught in Milan and Rome. Girls have strong frame like in Spain.

  20. Hey Tom
    How do you deal with a bad daygame session? If you feel tired, lazy and weak, so you can not stop girl because of your bad vibe. Do you still go for 10 approaches, or just do five or six approaches to build up momentum for the next session.

    1. Keep the thread to questions about daygame travel.

      Bad vibe = take a coffee break. Sit down. Try to finish your 10 approaches or call it quits and recharge at home.

  21. Have you done daygame in Mexico? If so which places you recommend to do daygame and what were your thought about the girls?

    1. Not been to Mexico, only gamed Mexicans abroad. Both Mexico City and Guadalajara on my list. Let me know your thoughts on daygame there if you’ve tried it. Hot spots, logistics, dating style etc…

  22. Do you book airbnbs ahead of time or mostly spontaneously? As a digital nomad I like to do the latter, so I can stay longer if I like a location, but the disadvantage is that all the good and more affordable places are often already booked.

    1. If it’s the first time testing a city, I’ll get a hostel/hotel first and number farm to see how things go. Then I’ll book an AirBnB on the spot and extend it if things are good.

      For repeat visits, get to know the apartment owner. Pay in cash, block book and you’ll get big discounts. Have 3-4 different apartments you’ve tried in one city so you don’t run into the problem of fully booked places.

  23. Have you thought about a flag collection of all the U.S. states? And how many states/cities in the U.S. have you day gamed at? I know you’re not super interested in the U.S. since there’s very little pedestrian culture(outside of nyc) and most places are only car friendly. But the U.S. is very van-life friendly.

    1. Once you’ve seen how beautiful girls are in other parts of the world it’s tough to be too enthusiastic for the USA. But I’d like to see more of the geography of the country, especially the national parks.

      In the USA I’ve only daygamed in: California, Texas, Florida, New York & Illinois. NYC the best city by far.

  24. Do you share your Facebook / Instagram with girls when they ask? Do you use your “real” account or do you maintain two?

    1. I’ve got a separate Instagram account for when I first meet girls. Once I’m dating them over a few months I tell them about my Torero alter ego.

      Keep the questions on this thread to daygame travel

  25. Mixing daygame travel with adventures and nature. I was into nomadic backpacking before I discovered pick up so now I’ve just combined the two. Being non-monogamous with girls and places is the ‘secret’ to not retiring.

    No plans for a USA daygame tour but maybe a motorbike trip

    1. To my knowledge you are the only guy combining real red pill living with pickup. Free, single and taking full advantage of the realities of biology without a drop of anger

  26. Hi uncle Tom,

    hope you’re enjoying your time off. Can you recommend any “cheap’ daygame cities/countries, where the costs of hotels, AirBnBs, dates, food and travel are relatively cheap in comparison for example London (preferably european cities).

    Much Luv

  27. i was a backpaker before i met pick up, so i am considering to became a coach for a long time. İ tought being a coach is gonna solve my finance problems and also i am gonna work a job which i passionate.

    İ listened your “Become a daygame coach” podcast. a lot of people saw me when i am doing daygame and they want to learn from me, i teached to them and they got date and sleeping with girls.

    My question is that enough for a become a nomadic coach? And any other tips for becoming a became black sheep nomadic daygamer?

    1. Do some coaching for free, get the word out. Film some infields and get a YouTube channel & blog started. Give as much value for free as you can before asking for anything in return. That’s key for Content Marketing.

  28. Hi Tom,
    As your lifestyle is now almost solely involved with travel , how hard is it knowing that your audience is an online presence, most of whom you may never meet. I.e. I am writing to you now and we may are communicating, but you may never meet me, and me never you. What would you say are the positives and negatives of the modern digital workplace which you are now a part of, and do you miss working in a team environment such as say a music band, hitting the road together?

    1. Over the years with travel you develop friendships with guys also on the road. You have city bases you revisit and open relationships with girls, so it’s not as lonely or solo as it sounds. Even just by being on the street daygaming you’re going to meet other road hustlers. It depends on your personality how much socialising you need.

  29. Dear Tom,

    What would your tips be on drop shipping, I remember you telling me your friend Mr I is drop shipping coffee machine?

    Any tips, on who to follow etc?

    1. Hottest girls in the Balkans. Strong frame needed, but less dates / faster lays than in Russia. Don’t spam the city, it’s small.

  30. How do you approach flight attendants during day game? Or what’s the best way to meet one?

    Any thoughts on day game in airport. Is it worth it?

    1. Game them on the plane. Flirt as they serve drinks/meals, then go to the back of the plane where they congregate and chat after the inflight service. Involve the other girls/guys working. Exchange details (using a napkin if necessary) as a social close after finding out about her base / stop-overs etc.

      For flight attendants in cities, you’ll find them in big stop-over hubs like Dubai, Singapore, London etc. Often shopping alone during the day. Go for SDLs.

  31. How do you deal with not having a permanent home? Im almost considering getting a base somehwere, and doing trips from there because moving around every month to new places is exhausting, constantly looking and booking. Or maybe I have to get more used to it.

    1. You get used to it the more you travel. Have a few cities you like on rotation as bases. Van life has meant that I do have a ‘permanent home’ wherever I am which has really stabilised things for the last two years.

  32. Hi Tom, I am daygaming in Bucharest and will start travelling every other month from now on because my employer agreed with me working remote half of the time. The problem is I am earning around 900Euros, ok for Romania but not great for international travel. The cities that I am mostly interested in, when it comes to daygame are Chisinau and Iasi. Do you have any dating tips and ideas to reduce cost? Accommodation prices aren’t an issue in these cities but the actual dates themselves. I normally go on 2-3 dates a week, in 2-3 venues each, so the drinks start to add up. After all my monthly expenses I have around 200Euros left to go out with. Also, what are some cheeky non alcoholic drinks that you drink on a date if you want to be sober for longer? Cheers

    1. €900 a month is enough for Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria etc. You don’t need to drink alcohol on dates. Often in Russia I take girls for tea/coffee/juice, walk around a park, sit by the river etc. For evening dates find a cheap bar, you don’t want to be buying her cocktails or wine if you’re trying to save money.

  33. Hey Tom
    Any tips about Montréal daygame maybe places locations or areas you advice ? I’m interested in some indoor daygame for summer or winter?
    Thank you best uncle ever

    1. Mont-Royal, Lafontaine park, Saint Catherine Street, and for indoor game go underneath to the Eaton Centre or to the hundreds of hipster coffee shops in the city.

    1. Vienna’s one of the secret European cities (not for long after this thread haha). Very pedestrian, loads of uni students and summer tourists. Similar to Munich. But the hotness is less than Prague, Kiev etc…

  34. Hi Tom!
    What are your favorite 1st and 2nd venues on a date in Nice?
    I am currently daygaming here but haven’t found good places for dates.

    1. You’re over-thinking things. My first venue was Starbucks. My second was a tourist seafood place by the harbour which served cheap wine. Specific venues don’t matter. You could do all the verbal/physical escalation as you walk her around the Old Town or around La Darse.

  35. Hey Tom,

    Where would you say is the best place to find girls with witty banter? I think you’ve mentioned western girls, probably due to comfort with English, but maybe that doesn’t matter so much.


  36. Hello Tom i travell on a very low budget 30 eur/day and stay in hostels how can i pick up girls if i stay in hostels and have low budget even for dates also i don’t drink/smoke ?
    For example last autumm i went to Porto 150 euros 5 days (28 euros flights + 50 euror hostel the rest for food transportation visiting etc)

    Thanks and regards

    1. Run normal daygame plus socialising in the hostel. Make your dates cheap/free by going to a supermarket with her and buying drinks to take to the park/beach. For your close location, you need to be brave: under the pier, on the beach, in the hostel laundry room etc. I’ve had sex in a dorm room on a bunk bed with other people feet away.

      Listen to this podcast for how to get laid in parks:

  37. What’s your thoughts on doing daygame in a party island and what would be the best plan of action to get laid just through daygame there ( competition is high ). I have been to a few i.e Ibiza & Zante in Greece and women tend to extremely attractive ( the most attractive women I have met have been in Ibiza ). Thanks Tom

    1. Even with my beach-body gladiator physique, it’s not my speciality 😉 But I’ve seen guys running beach/promenade game (on top of gutter and night game) in Hvar (Croatia), Budva (Montenegro), Sunny Beach (Bulgaria), Odessa (Ukraine), Miami South Beach, Santa Monica LA…

  38. Have you ever daygamed in China Tom , and if so what are your thoughts? I was thinking of teaching English there for a year, Shanghai potentially.

    1. Been to China before I was a daygamer (Beijing and Ürümqi) and only Hong Kong since. A friend and wing of mine was living in Shanghai as an English teacher for a year and he said the daygame volume and quality was decent but still not as good as Japan.

  39. Hi Tom,

    I am the Indian guy who randomly bumped into you in St. Petersburg last month. Hope all’s well with you.
    What’s your pick between Serbia and Croatia for daygame? Also, any tips on creating sexual vibe/ inserting innuendos in quick daygame sets (3-4 minutes) where the girl is in a hurry in big cities, would be great.


    1. Good to meet you mate, cheers for saying hello. Belgrade has hotter girls than Zagreb, but Zagreb’s a more pleasant city to spend lots of time in. Balkan girls require strong frame (look at the men in those countries to see why).

      Short sets (under 5 minutes) are flakey. Open strong, add in more Statements Of Intent with a few verbal sexual spikes, hold her hand as you’re introducing yourself and make sure she knows what you want on the close. But you’re better off pushing for longer sets.

  40. Hello Tom,

    What’s your opinion on western women against Asian men? I am from Bangladesh I daygamed in New Zeland and in Toronto without success.

    1. I’ve seen Asian guys from places like Bangladesh and India do well in Scandinavia. Try Helsinki (Finland). Don’t fall into the Asian-guy-abroad stereotype so fashion/grooming needs to be above average. Some Asian guys I’ve coached have had voice training for accent reduction if it bothers them.

  41. What Daygame cities stand out as those where you’ve had the ”highest highs” and ones with the “lowest lows”?

    1. As I say in my book “Cold Calling” I get the biggest highs and lows in Russia. For me they’re the hottest girls but the most bi-polar and overly emotional. Add to that the stark cultural differences and it’s one hell of a roller-coaster 😉

  42. Hi Tom
    You mentioned Munich an easy city for daygame. I’ve daygame in several cities like Prague, Budapest, and Ukraine and got decent results, but Munich NEVER worked for me.

    Any ideas or input on how this city is different?

    1. Munich is set out perfectly for daygame with that long pedestrian main street, the gigantic park (‘English Garden’) and a hedonistic vibe because of the beer-drinking tourists. Bavarian girls seem way more open (in all senses) than further north in Germany.

  43. How to use game to make male friends. I’ve arrived in new cities and obviously, women are the targets but can you do a podcast or include in a book how to use game skills to get male friends in new environments in a non-gay way?

    1. London, without a doubt. Greatest mix of nationalities/tourists/students/vagabonds on the planet. It’s like travelling without travelling.

  44. Hey Tom, This summer I am travelling to Sweden/Scandinavia for 2 weeks for the first time to day game and sightseeing. What logistics and date models worked the best for you with Swedish girls. Any advice on must visit places or game strategies to try on girls would be greatly appreciated.

    Brown man loves white girls

    1. Scandinavian girls are fast. If they come out on a date it’s on (2 bars, 2 drinks, back to yours). As one girl in Oslo told me, “we don’t really date a guy until after we’ve had sex with him.”

  45. He uncle i dont visit your blog that much so my question is what is the best area to have a airbnb in moscow.
    Secondly when collecting numbers i notice tha russian women do talk back but after a few sentences they stop.
    They dont block you what can i do about that?

  46. Hi Tom. Have you ever day gamed in Iran and is it safe to do so? I agree that Persian women are some of the most attractive in the world. We get a few in Sydney and for some reason I seem to appeal to them more than any other nationality I approach.

      1. was looking into trying Tehran. says you can get stoned to death if you fuck someones wife and get caught. so don’t get caught 😉

  47. Tom
    Which cities have ladies in their 20s are more predisposed to the more maturer gentleman in good shape (50+), with no pay to play / sugar daddy susceptibility?
    Which cities are more pleasant to live in for a month or more whilst doing daygame?
    Is there benefit in having a semi-permanent base in say a Polish city or would I be missing out in the typical daygamer spring/summer migration – Zagreb -> Prague -> Warsaw -> St Petersberg?
    If you only had to choose one daygame destination and you were banned from all other destinations, which one would you choose – as a beginner, as an intermediate, as an advanced PUA?
    How many approaches would it be best to have under your belt prior to an overseas excursion?
    Keep up the good work!

    1. 1) In Russia/FSU, South America and SE Asia a bigger age gap is less of a problem but if your daygame is good then any world city would apply.

      2) That’s a vague question mate, depends on your personal taste and what kind of guys you like.

      3) Some guys like one city for the whole year, others are more nomadic like me and keep moving. Try both

      4) For a city with everything I’d choose London (beginner, intermediate). For hotter girls Moscow.

      5) Half a dozen notches would be more important than then number of approaches. You need to feel confident that you’ve gone through the process from open -> close on home turf.

  48. Often the hottest girls I see when I travel are in grocery stores. I don’t know why, there’s always one in there all around the world. Direct seems a bit too much for the library-like atmosphere. I think commenting about her behavior or look is the best way to go… Any creative new ideas? I often struggle to be creative in this venue where no one is talking and the pressure is on…

    One thing I’m sure; you’ve got to go right up to her right away and not stalk her through the aisles. There’s no where to hide!

  49. You only went to Barcelona once. What did you think of the city and its women? Why do not you go back to Spain?

    1. Too many tourists for me but I’ve been back four times with different girls for mini-breaks.

      I’m not into the more masculine vibe of Spanish/Italian girls but some guys love it

  50. Got a few questions for you uncle Tom,

    1) Do you find during your travels that girls are more resistant when you invite them back to a hotel or motel vs an AirBnB ? How do their reactions to a hotel invite differ based on the region (west vs middle east vs asia etc)

    2) For daygame trips to new york how long do you recommend ? I live in the Toronto area so going back to NYC close some leads over a weekend wouldn’t be too difficult if necessary.

    1. 1) Yes, AirBnB a lot easier for the pull. In hotels you might get cock-blocked by doormen or reception staff. They also raise her Anti Slut Defence. Applies the world over. An apartment makes things x100 easier.

      2) For NYC you could do weekend number farm trips and look for SDL / gutter game opportunities. I’ve usually gone for 1-2 weeks so I don’t have to play the long game.

  51. Tom, super helpful thread, 2 questions. starting out daygaming in South America. Should I try gaming in the locks language or stick to girls who know English.

    It’s not like FSU where speaking English gives you a novelty factor. Minus gringo hunters, most girls here expect Spanish.

    My Spanish is ok, but not great and I’ll quickly get lost in more than a basic conversation. My question is how to improve my results while I’m still studying the language? Same goes for any other country where you are learning the language really.

    Second question- hostels vs Airbnb? Much easier to meet people in the former, but closing logistics much harder to manage. Or start with one and switch to another?

    1. Hi Tom, we had a phone consultation two years ago, so I’m glad to hear everything is going well. I realize this post is closed, but, in a future post or podcast, would you rank the best day game cities in Latin America? Bogota, Medellin, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Lima and Mexico City are probably the ones I’m most interested in. Even if you haven’t been to Argentina, I’m sure you’ve gotten some good data from friends.

      I know East Asia isn’t your favorite, but I would also be grateful to hear what you think the best day game cities in Asia might be. I know you like Tokyo and maybe Singapore. But have you heard much about the relative merits of Manila, Bangkok, Jarkata, Kula Lampur, Taipei, Saigon, Shanghai and Hong Kong? I know it’s probably easy to get notches in all those, but some cities probably have better girls, volumes and logistics.

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