Belt, Bag, Boots

As a male model and fashion icon I often get questions about how to look more like a Torero. Aside from plastic surgery I usually recommend three key items that will take you from hopeless to heroic with girls and beyond…


  • Boots. I’ve been wearing Dr Martens AirWair Chelsea boots (brown) since I started daygaming a decade ago. Each pair lasts at least 12 months and a thousand approaches. £110


  • Bag. I got this canvas shoulder bag, bank robber style, in TopShop over five years ago and it’s still going strong, three world tours later. Easy to scrunch under the seat on a plane, avoids the tourist look of a backpack. £30


  • Belt. Leather cowboy-style belt acquired in a vintage clothing store in London in late 2009. I wrote a whole book about it. The shop owner gave it to me to make up the difference on a returned jacket. Said it was a vintage item from Texas.

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