Street Hustle Review

Cheers to Mr L from the Netherlands for his short but sweet review of my A-to-Z daygame textbook Street Hustle.

314 pages of my complete work covering all my past seminars and videos from 2012 onwards in hardback form, with custom drawn comic book artwork.

The models for daytime approaching, texting and dating are all covered in detail…

Plus the underlying biology of your Male Sexual Market Value and relationship strategies

Street Hustle prints and ships worldwide via the publisher Lulu. Right now they’re running 10% off all their books using the code LULU10 at the checkout (code expires 4th July).

Get your copy of Street Hustle here

2 thoughts on “Street Hustle Review”

  1. Does your text book cover the contents of the seminars you were in with your previous daygame company? I very much enjoyed the one on conversation

    1. All the original content from ‘Conversation King,’ ‘Date Against The Machine’ and ‘The Girlfriend Sequence’ is in there, plus my ‘Daygame Blueprint’ contributions and ‘Badass Buddha.’

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