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Hello Tom,

The wind of the heart takes us in all directions. We do our best to steer to where we want to be. I find myself a lover, aprovider, a boyfriend , a husband, and a father. I started watching, listening, and reading your life less than a year ago at theyoung age at 62. I have been a late bloomer all my life and the mischievous kid still alive in me. I am what some call  a silver fox, a charmer and I get lots of IOI’s from much younger hotter women,  I am learning and APPLYING how to convey confidence,  HOLD THE FRAME, speek slooowwly and deeeeply, tease, challenge, escalate, and best of all DHYD & GYDO. :)))

Thank you Tom from the bottom of my heart.



“Hi Tom,

I’m not sure where to start this, so I’ll jump right to the end.  Last weekend I got my first daygame lay!  It was a beautiful experience for everyone involved (me and her), and we all owe a massive thanks to you (she wouldn’t have had her some great sex if I never approached, and I never would have approached had you not taught me how to stack and lead).

I first found your channel in 2015 when I discovered the Daygame Blueprint.  Since then, between long-term relationships and AA, I’ve done a grand total of 52 approaches, 20 if which came in the last 5 weeks.  Despite my limited approaching, the theory junky in me (I’m trained as a scientist) listened to a 100 or so of your podcasts and read all your books.  One of your greatest qualities is positivity.  Even when you’re critical, you do so with a positive attitude.  I’ve taken that idea and am learning to apply it to the general rejection of daygame.  My favorite response to a rejection is to simply smile and say “Well it was nice to meet you, have a nice day”.  Sometimes she returns a thankful smile and my vibe is boosted, if not…oh well, not all girls are into hairy men with big noses :-).

Anyway, Tom, you’ve been an inspiration to me.  Everything from your teachings on daygame to minimalism to depression (daygame as therapy).  I wanted to be a rich, well-known, successful man in the general sense for a very long time.  Once I peeled back the onion, I realized it’s because I want to get laid.  I’m 100 times closer to truly learning what I actually want in life.  I’m not there yet, but I know that the trail ahead is heading towards a happy journey of self-discovery.



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  1. Tom, I know a lot of guys (myself included) whom you’ve helped over the years. You’ve been a consistent voice and you have a strong ability to lay out concepts simply. This makes you one of the best teachers out there. Thank you

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