Podcast 200 Special


Big man love to you, dear listeners of the podcast, for all the support over the last five years it has been on the air. With over 700,000 plays on Youtube and 1.7 million downloads on iTunes, I’ve been blown away by your support for my half a decade of randy ramblings.

May you be blessed with happiness, healthiness & horniness.

To the good life, TT

6 thoughts on “Podcast 200 Special”

  1. Hi Tom, love the inspiring episode. Can you connect me with David from Hollywood? I live in Santa Monica and I’m looking for a good wing for some secret LA Daygame hotspots.

  2. Right on for the men in the 60’s running game! Nothing like connecting up with a 20 or 30 something and showing them the fine qualities of age and experience….keep up the inspiring work Tom! You are the Casanova of our time.

  3. Thanks for your podcasts, Tom! I love driving and listening to it, especially in the LA traffic rush hour! To many more, cheers! #congratulations

  4. Awesome podcast uncle Tom, thanks for featuring me in it. Loved listening to other day gamers around the world. Keep the content coming. It makes my 1 hour commute to work more enjoyable.

    Mr. R

  5. Hello Tom,
    Wanted to give you the heads up to check out the new Top Gun trailer. Black. Sheep. Your gonna love it.

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