Ground Control To Major Tom…


Contrary to popular belief, I’m not dead. I’ve not become a Mormon or been detained in the Former Soviet Union. Sadly no sex cult in Mexico has kidnapped me. But thank you to the many of you who sent me messages of concern.

In actual fact I’ve been back in the UK since the middle of July topping up my tan in the heatwave whilst spending time with family and friends. It’s been the first proper long break I’ve had from creating content in many years. Very sedate yet strangely satisfying. But enough is enough.

I’ll be reigniting things soon but for now just to subtly remind you that I’m still doing lots of online coaching calls. If you’d like to book one then drop me an email (tom at tomtorero dot com) and we’ll set up a date…without the escalating 😉

10 thoughts on “Ground Control To Major Tom…”

  1. Tom, what a great contribution that you have made to manhood.
    Totally on awe of the amount of value that you are adding every day. You give me the inspiration to be a great man, slay my dragons and dominate.
    Thank you so much, Mark in Wellington, NZ

  2. Thank fuck Tom, I was worried about you. May Zeus bless you, you inspire so many people including young bucks like me. See you in the fields!
    Cheers mate!
    Thessaloniki, Greece

  3. Welcome back, Tom. I was beginning to wonder why your page has not been adding anything new as of late. Good to hear from you. Take cares!

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