The Fundamentals: 

Beginner’s Guide To Daygame – essential infield guide to the basics of daygame

Tom Torero’s Texting Tips – how to get her out on a date

What To Do On A Date – my framework from bar to bedroom


Introduction To Tom Torero:

Ugly Guy Gets Girls

Tom Torero Street Hustle

Tom Torero’s Story – Daygame As Therapy

Life Before Pickup – Tom’s Awkward Photos


Below The Belt Talk

Daygame (find it on Kindle too)


Tom Torero Infield Pickup:

The First 90 Seconds Infield 

Playfully Bust Her Balls Infield

Tom Torero NYC Daygame Infield

Awkward Daygame Infield

How To Seduce A Feisty Girl Infield

Victoria’s Secret Infield 

How To Stack & Spike Infield

Two Set Solo Infield

Tom Torero Daygame Rejection Infield

Failure As Fuel Infield 

How To Pick Up A Waitress Infield

How To Pick Up A Girl In A Coffee Shop

Tom Torero Date Infield (Venue 1)

Art Of Improv Audio Infield

How To Flirt With Girls Audio Infield



Sexual Economics

Sexual Market Value Explained 

Male Sexual Market Value Components

Game Theory Essentials

Universal Dating & Mating Blueprint

Torero’s Ten Commandments

Alpha Male Redefined

The Myth Of “Good” & “Bad” Girls

The Secret Society

Raw Red Pill Truths

Don’t Hide Your Dick

No More Mr Nice Guy 



Nice Bad Boy Fashion

How To Improve Your Voice

Conversation Ninja 

How To Flirt With Girls



Excuses Excuses Part 1, Part 2

Find A Daygame Wing

Infield Audio Guide

Daygame Coaching Toolkit Form

The Girl As Your Mirror

Guide To Stacking

Guide To Vibing

Shit Tests 101

Shit Test Quiz

Street Improv For Daygame

How To Pick Up A Girl With No English

Daygame Groundwork

Realistic Daygame Statistics 

Daygame 3.0 Seminar Part 1, Part 2



Texting Guide


Texting Quiz

Holding The Frame Over Text



Get Your Date Venues Sorted 

Verbal Escalation

Physical Escalation

Rapid Escalation

Bachelor Pad Home Logistics

Logistics (II)

Anti-Provider Love Nest Logistics

Date Dilemmas

Beta Bait

Pulling The Trigger



Sex Education

Sexual Dominance

STDs & Oneitis



Lover Rules

Non-Monogamous Relationships

Affection Addiction


Black Sheep Philosophy:

Black Sheep Guide For Men Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Black Sheep Talk

Black Sheep Bandit Youtube Series


Daygame City Guides

How To Plan A Daygame Mission

Torero Travels (and on Kindle)

Cold Calling – Guide to Moscow, Kiev, Prague and other Former Soviet Union cities

World’s Top Daygame Cities – article

Best Daygame Cities – podcast

London’s Secret Daygame Locations


Video Series:

Nice Bad Boy (30 videos) – becoming the loveable asshole

Street Hustle (53 videos) – Tips, tricks and techniques for Street Hustling

World Tour Vlogs 2015 (31 videos) – London, NYC, LA, Sydney, Cape Town

Torero Tomfoolery (49 videos) – Pickup advice around the world


Working Online, Travel & Adventure:

Flowmad Part 1, Flowmad Part 2

10 Ways To Unplug From The Matrix

One Man Brand 

Fit Your Life Into One Bag

Torero Travels – Grab Life By The Horns

Canada Roadtrip 2016

Bad Santa Las Vegas

Real American Hustle

World Tour 2015 Montage

Just Push Play 2016 Montage



Suck It Up

Fuck It 

Stop Being A Pussy

Go All The Way

Battle Tested Pickup


Podcast Collection :

Podcast Playlist on Youtube & iTunes (190+ shows)


Recommended Resources:

Top 10 PUA Books

Top PUA Films / Actors

Flowmad Music

Documentaries To Watch Part 1, Part 2, Part 3



16 thoughts on “Archive”

  1. This is pure gold! I re-watch or watch some old videos and you are really the best teacher and the best daygame coach.

  2. Tom, I love this archive! Really makes it easy to search for the specific topics I’m curious about! (dating *cough*)

  3. hi, im from chile and i want to buy your book “street hustle”, how can i buy it so you can send it to chile ?

    thanks !

  4. I’m glad you’ve still got the peddle to the metal Tom.
    When’s the next London social? I enjoyed the last one and it would be good to meet some potential new wings.
    Looking forward to the next few months!

  5. Hi Tom,

    you’re a legend, man..
    I remember there was a forum, where I can find nearby wingmen, on your website. I seem to have lost it and can’t find it anymore,..Is it still available??

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