Boss LevelΒ 

Peacocking is one of the most misunderstood and misquoted concepts in pickup. People immediately think of outlandish costumes, hats and Johnny Depp-level jewellery worn in nightclubs to get girls to notice you.

In reality, everything you wear is a subconscious effort to impress potential mates. Every hair style you choose, every pair of shoes you wear, every bag you carry. It’s a basic biological drive common to all organisms, from the smallest of shading details to the outlandish displays of a peacock’s tail.

Here’s where the main misunderstanding occurs. It’s not the items or ornamentation themselves that lead to the (perceived) raise in SMV. It’s the fact that the organism can withstand the shit tests that come with the display. The peacock’s tail physiologically hinders it in terms of day to day living, but by being able to carry it off (quite literally) it is extremely attractive sexually to potential partners.

So it’s not the cowboy hat or the leather trousers that might get you the girl. It’s the way you show you can handle the ‘weight’ of the societal judgement that comes with standing out. A guy without the congruency and confidence to back it up will be slammed for wearing such attire, whereas the rock star will be celebrated.

In next week’s podcast I’ll talk about the extra items I wear to boost my daygame and dating, from my tattoos and rings to my well-worn boots and scruffy jackets.

Model Moaning (Lay Report)


I approached this girl on my third day of number farming in Japan. 23 years old, hot, she was dressed in grungy denim with a Nirvana t-shirt and told me she was a fashion model, working in Japan, Korea, France and Italy. The joke between us was that I was Harry Potter who’d magically jumped in front of her.

After we exchanged details on Line (the Asian WhatsApp) I sent her the Potter GIF. Because she seemed on with her reply I sent her a date request that evening.


She turned down the date request so I rolled off for 4 days as I had many other leads I was pinging plus I was also travelling between different Japanese cities. I gave her the ultimatum text of telling her I was leaving and that I wanted to see her before. Normally this is not good strategy but when you’re against the clock on a daygame trip you can do it as a last-ditch attempt to resurrect some flagging leads.



When I realised she was away for fashion work in Korea I thought that it was a dead end so I didn’t bother following up. I’d already gotten two notches on the trip by this point so I wasn’t that fussed. But yesterday evening she suddenly sprung to life…


My texting was blunt. I didn’t want to waste any more investment. So I just proposed a time and place, which she pushed back 90 minutes (a good sign as the later the better for first date sex possibilities.) A small frame concession is ok if it’s losing the battle to win the war.


Tonight was my last night of the trip, I’d already got my notches, so I turned up for the date with nothing to lose. She was there on time, wearing a leather corset type thing over a tight black top, black boots but tight jeans rather than a skirt. Straight away she said she didn’t want to drink alcohol which threw me off balance a bit.

As usual in Japan, her English was terrible. We used Google Translate on our phones for 90% of the communication. I walked her to a dark billiards bar I’d already chosen halfway between the meeting point and my apartment where we sat on a couch. She was standoffish and secretive, sipping her coffee while I had my beer. I got her to show me some non-modelling photos and I showed her some of my travelling pictures.

Verbal escalation was lost in translation, but I noticed that despite her seeming closed and shy, when I’d pull her in momentarily (the “Floppy Test”) she didn’t object, and when I got her to warm up my cold hands in hers she was more than willing to keep them there.

From the first venue we walked the short distance to outside my apartment. I had planned a second venue down the street (a cocktail bar) but my senses told me just to try and bounce her straight back. In Japan it’s been common for the girls I’ve dated to say yes to the bounce home without much of a pretext (even though the Token LMR begins later up in your apartment).

Inside we took off our shoes, I made some tea and she put on some Justin Bieber on my laptop (lose the battle to win the war!). Slowly I ramped up the kino from an arm around her to hugging, but she didn’t want to kiss and kept saying I was a “bad boy,” a “crazy boy” and she was a “good girl.”Β I went to the bathroom to give her space.

She was still sitting on the sofa smiling when I came back, so I moved the laptop to the bed opposite the sofa (it’s a typically tiny Japanese apartment) and beckoned her over. She just stood by the wall like a child having a pretend tantrum, her arms folded and a mock sad face. I got her to break her Token LMR strop by singing along badly to Bieber and doing the worst impression of him which she giggled to.

We hugged standing up, then I picked her up and dropped her onto the bed. She still wouldn’t kiss, saying over and over that I was a bad boy but at the same time hugging and grinding on me. This went on for ten minutes during which time I wasn’t sure which way it was going to go. “You walk me to train station” she asked meekly?

I rolled off. IOD for an IOD. I said I’d walk her back after I finished my tea. We sat on the sofa once again and she went back to her token tantrum, arms folded. It was clear she could go at any time but I could sense she didn’t really want to, hoping I would call her bluff. More hugging, a light kiss, then back to the bed.

Grinding, wandering hands, more moaning in Japanese, her hand down my jeans, me pulling hers off, then wild sex with almost all our clothes on. The weird and wonderful sex noises Japanese girls make are something else. It was a great smash.

Out of the three lays of the trip she was my favourite not just because of her model hotness (and rare height for a Japanese girl) but because she’d seemed like such a weak-maybe girl and I was proud of my reading of the micro signals. Spotting the tiny clues and calibrating to them can give almost as much satisfaction as the sex itself.

Goodbye Japan, it’s been emotional πŸ˜‰

Street Kino

Too many daygamers are like static robots, keeping things social and stiff (in a bad way). In this short video I highlight some simple ways to get some street kino (touch) going which makes things playful and adds a sexual spark.

  • Level 1: Incidental – light touches here and there as you make a point
  • Level 2: Maradona Move – hold her hand and pull her in to close the distance
  • Level 3: Games – high fives, palms, rings, muscles, feet size etc


For details of all these techniques watch my free Street Hustle video series on Youtube.


Rage Reduction


“Women seem wicked when you’re unwanted”

Jim Morrison

Overnight I’ve had many messages about yesterday’s “Amused Mastery” post from guys asking how to decrease their stress and reactivity to pickup and life.

I’ll keep it short and sweet on here so I don’t need to repeat myself on email:

  • Get rid of Twitter (an app designed to make you angry) and reduce time on social media
  • Log off all pickup forumsΒ 
  • Stop consuming news (also designed to make you angry and click)
  • Avoid politics
  • Go outside. Spend time in nature
  • Do something physical, even just a walk
  • Do daygame. Flirt with girls. Socialise
  • Pat a dog
  • Laugh with friends

Some will say that you’re “burying your head in the sand” by not being on Twitter ranting about politics. I say start with yourself. Spend all that time you normally would on Facebook or a news website sorting yourself out first.

Amused Mastery


Seen it all before. No big deal

It’s the ultimate mindset. The summit of pickup. Amused Mastery is frame in its truest sense where you “don’t sweat the small stuff.” You recognise that pickup, like life, is a game in the truest sense of the word. It’s enjoyable to play, it’s there for fun and you don’t need to stress about a wider meaning or each and every detail.

Amused Mastery is non-reactive. It’s the opposite of prickly and triggered. You’re leaning back with twinkling eyes and a smirk on your face. From vast experience with girls you’ve seen it all before which makes you detached and amused.

That’s not to say that you’ve “given up the Game.” Not at all. The game keeps on being played whether you like it or not. It’s just that you’re zoomed out and have a bigger picture outlook. Through mastering pickup you are now free to play the game in a zen way, without the stresses and worry of each move.

Shit tests make you smile. They’re water off a duck’s back. Or you Agree & Amplify like you would with a small child or a cute puppy. You love girls and Game but you don’t take them seriously. Life’s too short.

Even though it’s a mature position to have, you’re not aloof and cold. Amused Mastery has a warmth and playfulness about it, like a good father or teacher. Holding the frame comes naturally as she’s automatically qualifying to you.

This is my only aim with pickup now. No more theory, no more micromanaging, no more reacting and stressing. Just smiling at the absurdity of it all and enjoying the flow state that comes from letting go.