Adoration-Level Game


Top level Game, as I hinted at in my “Daygame 3.0” seminar, is not just getting her into bed for the notch, but generating so much desire in her that she’ll get into your bed herself again and again, not wanting to leave. She adores you as her master.Β 

The pickup learning progression goes like this:

  1. You learn how to be socially aware. Basic social skills
  2. You learn to build attraction with girls and date them
  3. You learn to generate arousal with girls and be their loverΒ 

Step 4 takes you into the Dark Arts of pimp-level game. I’ve told you before to read Iceberg Slim’s autobiography “Pimp: The Story Of My Life” to begin to see how to not only sleep with girls but to make them adore you.

It’s pretty dark stuff because it’s not just about a one-off sexual encounter but how to wield power and control over a girl who worships the ground you walk on. Dark Triad traits (narcissism, Machiavellianism and psychopathy) are turned up to the max, as I discuss in this podcast on the Cult Of Personality.

I’ve thought about doing a talk on the topic of Adoration Game for a long time but am aware that it’s probably not on most guys’ priority lists to become a pimp. However it deserves to be discussed more so I’m writing a chapter on it for my new book “Below The Belt.”Β Let me know your questions below.

Bedroom Boss

Here’s the final part of my 2013 dating seminar where I explain how to get her back to your place for some jiggy jiggy action. You can see lots of the techniques that went on to be featured in my textbook Street Hustle.

To learn how the model’s changed in the last five years then go here.

Why Are You Reading This?


I’m neither a dating nor a life coach. I’m not your self development guru. I have no interest in your gym or nutrition schedule. This website and my content has just one aim in mind:

To help you and I seduce hot girls

It’s important to be able to look in the mirror and accept that this is what you’re doing. Too many guys can’t quite say it. They’re hiding their dicks – both to girls and themselves.

Trying to wrap being a pickup artist in self-development, politics, fitness or whatever the flavour of the month is isn’t helpful. It’s actually harmful as it means you’re not comfortable admitting to yourself (and others) that you’re a guy who likes to hit on hot girls.

Of course, as I say, the girls are the catalyst to lots of things changing in your life to get good at seduction. My life has changed immeasurably since I became a pickup artist in so many aspects – job, fashion, health, earnings, location, beliefs – but they are are side effects to why I got into this and why I still do it.

Let your horniness kick you up the arse so you leave your house and grab life by the horns. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. In fact it should be shouted from the rooftops.

So look in the mirror and say this to yourself ten times: I’m a pickup artist. I’m attracted to hot girls. My goal is to get them into bed. I should be proud of this. It’s my biological mission.Β 

If you’re not comfortable admitting that then step back and ask yourself why….

Getting It On

Part four of my 2013 dating seminar which contained the seeds of my Street Hustle material. This segment takes things from social to sexual, verbal to physical. Time to get it on πŸ˜‰

To learn how the model’s changed in the last five years since this was filmed, go here.

Beneath The Veil


What you suppress grows πŸ˜‰

Like all good lay reports, this one begins in Burger King. But not just any Burger King. A Burger King in Abu Dhabi, the second biggest city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

When people tell you about the UAE you’ll hear words like “strict,” “religious,” “conservative” and even “dangerous”Β when compared to the western world. My experience there last week demonstrated how wrong word-of-mouth reports can be, especially when you go online to find out information on seduction forums.

Abu Dhabi, like Dubai, is rich. Super rich. You’ll see more luxury cars and high end fashion stores than in London or New York. There are more gourmet restaurants than in Paris. More swanky clubs than in Moscow. A backwards village in the sand dunes it ‘aint.

The surface-level religious restrictions work in a hustler’s favour. Just because there’s an outwardly conservative society (with the Muslim rules of no sex before marriage, no alcohol etc), that doesn’t mean there’s not another hidden side. Just like in other Muslim countries I’ve been to like Turkey, these restrictions actually amplify the Secret Society. The Pressure Cooker Effect means that guys and girls are even hornier than in the west. Everything just has to happen under-the-radar in secret (which makes it even more naughty and pleasurable).

Anyway, back to my romantic Burger King encounter. I’d finished the daygame session with the student in the mall next to his residence and gone to get a filthy whopper to feed my belly (that’s food, not a girl). As I sat at a table by the door looking jet-lagged and red faced from the hot sun outside a girl in a headscarf (hijab) walked past me and flashed me the first IOI of the trip. She was heading out of the restaurant at quite a speed.

For a few seconds I sat there, too tired to move, but then I said fuck it, picked up my half-eaten burger and did a mini jog to catch up with her outside a clothing store. In the mall there were many tourists and foreigners (most people in the UAE seem to be from other countries) so there wasn’t much of a spotlight on me.

At this point I could write a very convoluted lay report saying how hard it all was, how I had to face my inner demons and embark on an inner game quest but that would all be engineered drama for victim points. The reality was that she’d chosen me when she flashed me a smile in Burger King. My Opener and Stack were pretty shit but she’d already hooked when I touched her on the arm to stop her. She was a Yes Girl, 100%

She told me she was working in a clothing store in the mall and was going back to work. She was born in Muscat but had studied in Egypt at an international university. Β I added her on my phone and said I was in Abu Dhabi for another two days. We briefly made a plan to get coffee after her work the following day.

I finished my burger and went for a lie down. What a pimp.

The only technical bit of the lay was working out how I was going to potentially bounce her from the coffee shop to the apartment building next door where I had a room. The client who I was in the UAE to coach explained how girls often have chaperones to meet guys and that reception staff in the building might well cock-block. He was a native of Abu Dhabi and told me not to worry; his cousin (and also his driver) would be in the coffee shop to “sort the issue.” I had no idea what that meant but he reassured me it would be fine.

In the end the cousin wasn’t needed. I met Burger King girl in a well lit coffee shop two levels down from her shop after work the next day. She was wearing purple trousers, a black top and a black headscarf. This made her cat-like eyes seem even bigger and more mischievous. I had my laptop with me to make it look like a business meeting.

We sat opposite each other and to anyone around us it just looked like any other friendly chat that was going on all around us. But her conversation with me gave her game away. She’d been to Europe. She’d partied in Egypt and tried alcohol. She’d dated an Australian guy in her final year of university (only her sister knew).

After this there was no more seduction on my part. It was like she was following my dating model. She’d keep giving me Tiger Eyes as I told her about my life in London. She’d spike things up by asking me if I was a well behaved boy. She wanted to know where I was staying and who with. She said her married friend lived in the same apartment block and that she sometimes used the spa there after work.

From the coffee shop it was an eight minute stroll through the mall into the apartment reception where I said I was going to “drop my laptop off.” She carried on talking about her time in Egypt as we walked past staff at the desk who were completely unfazed by her presence, wishing me a good afternoon.

Elevator ride. Shoes off. TV on. Sofa kissing. Sex. No resistance and she did all the grinding and escalating for me, removing her hijab as soon as we’d entered my room. After the bang (which was loud and raw) she told me she’d slept with two Egyptian guys, her Australian ex and a French businessman in UAE. God bless the Secret Society.

Like I said, she was a Yes Girl who’d chosen me. I just had to pick up on that signal and show up. That’s not to say my other experiences in the UAE (or on other trips to Turkey) have been so straightforward. I had a coffee date the day after with a strict virgin which went nowhere, I had a girl on my bed who wouldn’t kiss but only hug, and I went on a date with a spoilt princess who self-saboutaged things by inviting her sister along halfway through.

If you’re planning on daygame trips to Dubai, Abu Dhabi or similar, you’re going to need excellent social calibration. Be discreet, under-the-radar and aware of the outward rules. No flashy daygame. No Public Displays Of Affection. But remember that girls are girls, attraction is attraction. If anything, you will find the girls to be even more up for it than in liberal societies where sex is nothing special.

My other lay of the trip was with a Muslim girl from Indonesia who knew my daygame client, so it was neither a cold approach nor an impressive notch even though she was 20 and pretty. I’ll only start blogging about Southeast Asian girls when I’m really old and lazy.

The White Bull


Ernest Hemingway famously called the blank unwritten page the “white bull.” That intimidating vastness of possibility that a creative person faces each time he stares it straight in the eye. Where to begin? What to start? Which direction to go in?Β 

When I quit my regular 9-5 job in 2012 as a school teacher to become a full-time daygame coach I faced that white bull like never before. The freedom was unnerving, like sitting on the edge of the Grand Canyon and feeling the dizzying abyss beneath.

I could wake up when I wanted to, wear what I liked, go where I wanted. By 2013 I was travelling the world full time – no boss, no permanent address, no ties. To the average guy with a job, marriage and mortgage this sounds like bliss, but what not many people realise is that limitless possibilities can be deeply disturbing.

You have to learn to be be self-sufficient. To be your own boss, make your own schedule, work out how to sustain friendships and relationships as a wandering nomad. You have to overcome procrastination, temper your debauchery and be the captain of your own ship.

Every January when I buy a new notebook I feel the white bull’s presence staring at me intensely. Where will I choose to travel to? Who will I travel with? What videos will I make? What books will I write? What girls will I focus on?Β 

The white bull is both terrifying and exhilarating. I’m so grateful that being a Torero is my full time job where I’m living with this ecstatic fear daily.