Lay Report Text Game

Background: I daygamed this girl on Wednesday (14th March) at lunchtime in the sub-zero temperatures of Lithuania. It was my 21st approach out of my 30-set four day number farm. She was tall, all in black, blonde hair, a lawyer on her extended lunch break. Sparky energy and good banter, very sarcastic and sparkly eyes.



“Labas” means “hello” in Lithuanian. She replies 30 minutes after my initial feeler with good vibes and emoticons. She uses the word “adventure” which I’ll play on in future messages. I take an hour to reply to check she’s on the hook with a playfully accusatory question “having another break?;)” Her response confirms the decent compliance level so I pull the trigger with the date request an hour later.


Notice her words “inside freedom” along with the “adventure” she mentioned before. I’ll use this theme a lot on the date. We agree on a Friday date and she seems keen, throwing me an unsolicited compliment about my profile picture (007-like in London). Note how she sends that message at 21:22 and I don’t reply until the following morning (to avoid seeming over-keen).



She throws out a shit test to my first photo ping (“Omg he loves himself”) to see if I’ll back down, so I play the Parody Chode with some sarcastic banter (“I’m a shy sweet boy”). I’m matching her use of emoticons, with the cheeky wink upping the flirtation. She jumps through another compliance hoop by sending a photo ping back – a sexy shot of her in black pointing a plastic gun on a beach.


I raise the sexual stakes with a Pulp Fiction picture, to which she replies that it’s vulgar. I don’t want to back down or apologise so I snip the thread and don’t reply for over five hours to regain the frame. She plays the princess slightly by reminding me she wants wine and no other drink.


I confirm the wine date (with another reminder of “adventure”) and some more role play as me as the sweet shy guy. She gets it and plays along. Before bed I lock down logistics of where to meet. Her pushing it back until 8pm is something I don’t mind (it’s usually a positive) and I don’t want to rock the boat. I confirm the following morning.

Tom Torero Street Hustle Review

Her morning photo ping secures in my mind that she’s not going to flake. I subtly check this by sending a photo ping of my own at just after 4pm to see if she’s going to wobble.

She doesn’t. We meet as planned at 8pm, it’s -5°C outside, and head to a wine bar near the AirBnB apartment I’ve booked for two nights (the van is off limits with it getting down to -11°C during the night). A bottle of Rioja and the bounce back to the apartment two hours later. No real LMR other than her insisting on a condom because of a recent pregnancy scare. And a pulsing hangover this morning.

Tom Torero Texting Review


Want to learn the art of text game elements (pings, photo pings, spikes, vacuums, passing shit tests and so on)? Then get my daygame A-Z textbook Street Hustle.

Black Sheep Award Update

Update 17.03.18 – Good news, thanks to the kind sponsorship of James Holt, an online entrepreneur, there will now be two grants given out in each quarter of this year. James has matched my donations meaning that I’ll be choosing another guy for the Spring award  from the applications received. Cheers James, go spread the man love on his Youtube & Twitter.

Find out more about the Black Sheep Award and apply yourself here.

Black Sheep Award #1

Here’s an email report from the first recipient of my Black Sheep Award for taking action infield if you need some money to get started. Learn more about the award and how to apply here.

Tom is 24, from the UK and is now a nomadic daygamer earning a living by teaching guitar online. You can hear more of his story on this podcast.

Hey Tom

Just writing to thank you for the £200 that went on to help me change my life…

I remember speaking with you when i had just £10 in my bank and no job. All i had was this idea to have a portable banner to then get students to then make money so I can travel the world and work from my laptop. I was going to get a job to get that £200 but you decided to help me to speed things up a bit.

With that £200, I turned my idea into a reality by buying the portable banner and then I hustled almost everyday getting new students. Within 2 months I had enough students that i was earning enough money to go on my first adventure which was to Ukraine in cold December. I lived like a king eating out everyday, daygamed and went on some little snowy adventures with girls. I returned back to the UK for Christmas.

But.. This year 2018 has been the best start to a year of my life.

First I went to Romania. On this trip I realised that this digital nomadic dream life finally became my reality. I was teaching on my laptop, earning money and living in the richest part of the country with just under £1000 a month. I then got my first lay of the year with a beautiful Russian girl who cooked me some tasty Russian pancakes. A few days later I had to escape the country as the apartment owner was trying to scam me for lots of Euros. I packed up everything in 20 mins and went to Odessa.

This trip in Odessa has been incredible. I slept with a hot Ukrainian girl on the first date in 4 days of arriving and she has been showing me around the city plus cooking for me. It’s been magical.

Now I no longer have to use pickup DHV stories as I have my own DHV stories from things I’ve done in life and adventures I’ve had plus I don’t feel like I’m faking my value anymore on dates as the life that I present is the life I actually live.

Pickup becomes so much easier when you actually live the nomadic travelling life. I now travel every 2-3 weeks to a new location, work from my laptop and sleep with new girls in every location.

It still feels like a dream but maybe in the future I’ll get used to it.

Thank you Tom for helping me and for believing in me.

The money and advice you gave me has helped me to leave the UK and start a life of freedom, adventure and travel.

Just wanted to say Thank You once again. Don’t stop spreading the good vibes and inspiring others to change their lives.


An ideal way to save on the heating bill 😉
Thermal layers = happy winter hustler

Stealth Seduction Login

Tom Torero Infield.png

Woke up this morning to a number of emails from guys saying they couldn’t find their login page for Stealth Seduction and that the host platform was sending them to the purchase page again. Don’t repurchase.  Go to this login page and enter the email and password for your account.

Still having problems? Let me know asap and I’ll fiddle around under the bonnet to see what’s going on.