Black Sheep Award

The 2018 Black Sheep Awards are for guys of all ages (18+) who want to go on a daygame mission to immerse themselves in daytime pickup. A £200 grant will be awarded in each quarter to help a guy with his travel/accommodation costs on the mission.

What’s Expected If You Win

  • With me you’ll plan out your mission and set targets
  • You’ll go to a bigger city for a few days of daygame
  • You’ll do a minimum of 30 daytime cold approaches (no Tinder or night game)
  • You’ll write up a report to let us know how you got on

Update: This year the award will be for an extra guy (for Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter) thanks to added sponsorship from online entrepreneur James Holt who is matching my donations in 2018. Follow James on his Youtube and Twitter.