416 page paperback (via Lulu), £20

Amazon Kindle, $9.99

130,000 words

The incredible true story of Tom’s journey from Oxford nerd to top street seducer. 100 lay reports.

“Bond meets Banksy – a true hustler with heart”



Torero Travels

332 page paperback (via Lulu), £15

Amazon Kindle, $9.99

80,000 words

Tom Torero takes daygame around the world, visiting 25 countries over 16 months. 30 lay reports.

“Unplug from the matrix and lick the lid of life around the world!”


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How To Flirt With Girls

Amazon Kindle, $2.99

A no-nonsense practical guide to flirting, with over 200 tried-and-tested example lines and structures to use infield.

“Quick & dirty guide to pull out of your pocket ;)”

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Torero Infield


"One number a day keeps the neediness away." Use the app 'New Digits' to keep track. "Don't tell me, show me." My wing's arrived in the city 👍🏻 Monkey Business 😉 Escaping winter here for a while has done wonders for my mental health and energy levels ☀️ Adding in bonus infields to "Stealth Seduction" 🎥 "Daygame 3.0" London seminar in February....details soon 👍🏻

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