“Dirty Tricks” Daygame Seminar Complete

Behold my big….ego 😉

Cheers to the guys who came to yesterday’s Dirty Tricks daygame seminar filming in the Hippodrome Theatre, London. It was five hours of content – all practical outer game techniques – a lot of it brand new sneaky seduction material collected infield. No self-help waffle, this was a buffet of lines, gambits, routines and structures. Long live old school PUA!

Over the Christmas holidays I’ll start editing the footage and putting it all together into a completed online video seminar which will be available for purchase on this site early next year. Top hats not included 😉

The Broken Man


What beliefs and behavioural patterns break a man? Which behaviours are self-destructive and what can you do about them? In this week’s daygame podcast I review common themes from coaching calls I’ve done with men who’ve become shadows of their former selves. Importantly I go over how to “unfuck yourself” from such beliefs and behaviours.

Tom Torero Stealth Seduction Infields


Watch me daygame and date infield for 16+ hours here


Some of the reviews for Stealth Seduction:

“This product is absolutely amazing. The viewer can get a detailed perspective of how to masterfully do Game. Reading Street Hustle was quite “enlightening” but watching this product will clear out any doubts you might still have after reading it. Smooth, elegant, calibrated, yet full of intent is how I describe this product. Highly recommended! ”



“Awesome stuff. Each video is filled with subtitles and annotations so that you don’t just see Tom doing his magic, you can also get an understanding of what he’s thinking throughout each interaction. I also liked how he covers pretty much every scenario of daygame including English, Eastern European and American girls, South American girls, gutter game, booty calls, virgins, same day lays etc. He even shows the rejections to show that you can’t always win and that it’s all part of the game. I definitely recommend this for anyone thinking about getting into daygame or who is already into it. Life changing stuff!”




“If you are an average man, you will probably never attempt daygame. In part because of approach anxiety, but most likely because you just don’t believe it will work. It’s simply not part of your reality that you can walk up to a woman in an everyday situation and end up having a relationship with her (for whatever duration. If reading about daygame or seeing snippets of infields on Youtube still don’t convince you of the possibilities, this product will.

You can see Tom go through the entire process, not just once but many times, meeting girls in situations that you encounter in everyday life. In those situations, most people will look at a girl, feel great desire and then carry on with their day, not even daring to dream about what might have been. Tom shows you what you’ve been missing out on and in doing so, giving you the closest thing to reference experiences you can get without ever having tried it for yourself. After this product you will become a believer.

It will give you a front row seat to what daygame looks like, when done proficiently. Once the videos turn you into a believer (if you aren’t one already), you can start to compare you daygame, texting and dating-style to what Tom does and adjust yours accordingly.

It feels like walking next to Tom for weeks, being able to listen to exactly what he says, having permission to secretly take a peek at his texts and even finding out what happens next.”



“Stealth Seduction is definitely the best raw and uncut pickup footage that intermediate and advanced daygamers are waiting for! Stopping a beautiful girl on the streets, texting and getting her out on a date is the easy part.

But the whole other section of Street Hustling is dating which is mostly untouched by the pickup community. And Tom is living walking proof of a human test subject. And it clearly shows in his infield videos & annotated notes on which part of the model he is in on the initial cold approach & on the date itself.

The best part of Stealth Seduction is to actually listen in on his dates and to see his vibe & energy. The spiking, the push-pull and especially when his voice goes deep when he is trying to seduce. A lot of golden nuggets if you listen in carefully. It’s as though you walked right next to him to listen in on his entire process of seduction.

Seeing Tom coach me one-on-one in Singapore definitely blew me away with his experience and knowledge in the field. And I’m glad he finally made Stealth Seduction to further help other men out there to transition from social to sexual. From Nice Guy to lover”


2018: Out With A Bang

2018 has been an up and down year, a mixed bag of highs and lows for a mishmash of reasons. Torn knee cartilage and hobbling around like a geriatric, sciatica from the van driving excesses, an unexpected chronic eye infection picked up in Asia, family drama… I’m in no position to moan but it certainly wasn’t a frictionless year. By the end of November I was ready to write it off and start again in January.

For the first time I looked in the mirror and saw a middle aged man staring back at me, not the youthful carefree sprite I like to convince my brain I am. Greying hair, weight gain from van life slothfulness, tiredness from the long haul flights and the juggling of multiple projects, I did a double take as I stepped out of the shower and saw my self-pitying reflection.

I can’t sulk and pretend the whole year was all a downer. I still have to pinch myself daily that I’m a self-employed bachelor who gets paid to travel and chat up girls. This year I went to Portugal, Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Germany, Holland, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Croatia, Russia, Colombia, Japan, Ireland and around the UK, a lot of that in the ‘passion wagon’ van conversion.

Yet for more than half of the year I couldn’t really find my mojo. The usual flow state that daygame gave me in previous years wasn’t there. I started questioning what I’d been taking for granted – had I lost the love of pickup? Was this burnout or apathy? Would my mojo ever return? Rejections, flakes and blue balls seemed to be hitting me harder than usual. Near misses with a virgin in the Middle East, a Latvian girl in Riga, an Estonian girl in Tartu, a couple of girls in Moscow and two more in Japan cast a shadow over the multiple victories.

On paper it was a very sex-cessful year. I’m usually good at focussing on the highs of notches and forgetting the graft needed to get them, but for whatever reason this year it all felt like more of a slog. There was plenty of sloppy game as my lack of mojo lead to carelessness, over-pulling and even sabotage with leads. The Catch-22 of missing vibe is that it leads to a further loss of vibe which can be hard to recover from.

The month-long mission to Russia in October finally brought back some of the missing spark. Crisp clear Autumnal days, hot girls, relaxation with wings and time with old flames. I was proud of my notches and the technical game needed to get them but I left the country at the end of the month haunted by a near miss with a stunning 21 year old student who I’d messed up the escalation with by pulling the trigger too quickly. It was so frustrating knowing that bad game had ruined the lay and not circumstances beyond my control.

The two week trip to Japan was also a more traumatic mission than in previous years, as I reflected upon in this podcast. It did however mean I wasn’t pining over the Russian near misses as my wing and I were so immersed in our Japanese invasion attempts.

Back in the UK at the end of November I weighed up whether to return to Russia to try and close the open loops or not. Was it going to lead to a triumphant end of the year or more blue balls and missing mojo?

As is usual for me I just said ‘fuck it!’ and booked the flights. In for a penny, in for a pound (or rouble). I’d been long-gaming one lead in particular who I’d had on my bed in October and who now seemed keen. The evening I landed in Moscow I got her over for dinner and banged her, but I couldn’t get the younger hotter 21 year old out of my head which put a dampener on that new notch.

A few days later I messaged the 21 year old for the first time since October when she’d gone cold after my hasty escalation attempts. To my surprise she replied, suggesting ice skating that weekend. Luckily the -14’C temperatures and snowy squalls changed the plans for us and we ended up meeting in a cafe for tea and a reset in the seduction timeline. She was as frosty as the weather outside but slowly thawed with comfort and catching up. It was like back to square one on the Snakes & Ladders board of Russian dating.

A few days later she agreed to cooking at my apartment. She’d already been there in October which is when we’d made out and played around on the bed before she spooked herself with the fast escalation. This time I took things much slower: we drank tea, ate pasta, watched an entire movie with just some light hugging and make outs on the bed again before I rolled off and walked her to the metro.

The push away of a month-long vacuum had done the job of getting things back to where we’d left off before she’d gone cold previously. But I was now running out of time again with only a day left in Moscow after an upcoming side trip to Saint Petersburg. She’d suggested ice-skating for that date and I agreed on the condition that we meet at mine first for some hot wine.

Up in the apartment mid afternoon for our fifth date (!) there was a different crackle in the air. She didn’t seem in any great hurry to go outside (it was snowing heavily again) and neither did I. We hugged in the kitchen, forgot all about making the hot wine and suddenly things went from zero to a hundred in a flash. Heavy make out, grinding over clothes, dry humping on the rug in the living room…

Should I escalate now and risk her getting the Token LMR wobbles again or slow things down and wait until after the skating? 

She was moaning and pressing herself into me and wasn’t showing any signs of self-sabotage like last time. Jeans came off and then we were on the bed. “I’ve not got much experience” she said as I pulled down her panties and she guided me towards her. She was so tight that it took a while to get inside, bit by bit as her mind and body relaxed. Later she’d tell me that she’d had a bad experience with a guy when she was 16 and since then hadn’t tried sex again until that moment.

The bang was basic and didn’t last long as she needed pussy recovery time. Going ice skating in a nearby park for an hour or two was the ideal interlude where we were both relaxed now that the notch was out of the way. That evening she stayed over at mine and the sex got much better as she opened up in more ways than one. I woke up sometime after midnight to go to the bathroom and came back to bed looking down at this beautiful 21 year old Russian girl wrapped in my duvet sleeping soundly. Not so shabby for a 39 year old greying geriatric after all.

On the flight back from Russia to London I closed my eyes and let the events of the year replay in my mind. The pessimism and fatigue had gone. Once again I felt the deep appreciation for daygame and the life it has given me bubble to the surface. In the reflection of the plane window I saw a man with a smile breaking across his face…

Winter Black Sheep Bandit Awards


The final two Black Sheep Awards were given to two cousins from the UK who wanted to travel down to London for an intensive weekend daygame mission. Here is their plan for the upcoming trip:

“My cousin Mr F and I have used the two grants given out by Tom to book return tickets from Herefordshire to London next weekend including two nights in a hotel for each of us. It’s a big deal for us as our financial situations are not great because of recent family circumstances. 

I am 36 years old and Mr F is 27. He is new to daygame but I did a bootcamp with Tom and Yad way back in 2012. Since then I’ve not done as much in the field as I’d like because of health reasons and having a girlfriend for 4 years. 

We will arrive in London on the 14th December in the evening and check in to our hotel in Paddington. The first aim is to go out for some evening street game in the touristy areas and get my cousin into some basic approaching. I have already shown him Tom’s old “Date Against The Machine” guide so he knows the Daygame Blueprint. 

Saturday 15th will be the big day of 20 approaches each. We will be recording them as audios on our phones. This will take the whole day from 9am to 6pm. Tom has kindly agreed to meet us in the evening to listen to our recordings and give us feedback to prepare for Sunday. 

Saturday night we might have dates fingers crossed! Or it will be some more gutter game if we have energy. Or it will be early to bed ready for Sunday.

Sunday we will go to try some shopping centre daygame in one of the big Westfield malls because I want to get used to opening girls in this environment. We will do 10-15 approaches each before getting the train back to Hereford in the evening.

At least 30 approaches for Mr F and I over the weekend. Wish us luck!” 

Daygame Christmas Pings

Hoe hoe hoe 😉 We’re coming up to that time of the year again when it’s appropriate to send inappropriate text and photo pings to the girls in your contacts:


Are you on Santa’s Naughty or Nice list this year?


I hope you’ve got your elf costume ready for Santa


Use these obvious themes of being bad for Santa, her elf-like qualities and such cheap innuendos as coming down her chimney when you’re sending your pings – calibrated to the girl of course.



Take inspiration from one of my favourite frisky festive-films-gone-wrong, “Bad Santa” (2003):


Or go one step too far and become a Bad Santa yourself 😉

No More Disney Delusions


“Dear Tom,

Just a note to thank you for the podcasts and YouTube videos. I was finally able to take action, get infield and talk to the hot girls who were not even a part of my reality before.

I approached a Bulgarian girl at my uni and managed to fuck her last night on the 3rd date (got her in bed on the 2nd, but it seems she hadn’t shaved). Anyway, it was all that bit sweeter knowing that I hadn’t gone about it as my former chodey-self would have. I was direct and sexual from the start and it paid off. I think she gets the message that I’m not boyfriend material.

Lastly, I want to say thank you for your book recommendations. I read Professor Buss’ and Professor Dawkins’ books which have changed my worldview greatly.

I’m now able to accept reality for what it is and move on. No more of this Disney romance and delusions of the good girl next door. 

In 2019 I’m graduating and getting a job online and will be continuing to try and nail hot European girls on my travels.

I’ll keep you posted and an eye on your blog for meet-ups.

Best wishes,

Mr J”

Daygame Same Day Lay Report


Hey Tom,

It’s difficult to find the words to describe what I feel for you 😉

Just kidding. But, you really have had an incredibly good impact on my personality, and I can’t thank you enough for that.

Over a year ago, I committed to moving to Calgary and to dedicate one year to daygame. I can still remember how nervous and proud I was, recording a two minute voice recording for Podcast #100.

By the time we had a Skype session in Vancouver, which was in March, your content had already helped me get laid with nine girls in eight months.

I returned to Germany in June and heard that you were coming to Munich, where we met briefly after your bootcamp, at the cafe on Marienplatz.

Now I live in Melbourne, which feels like paradise after having learned daygame in a tiny city like Calgary!

Just a few weeks ago I slept with girl #20 since beginning daygame, and it just happened to be my first SDL!

Thanks again, keep grabbing life by the horns! Enjoy the lay report,

Mr R (his daygame blog)


About a month ago, three days after I had slept with an Argentinian girl, I managed to seduce a young French traveler. The reason I hadn’t written a lay report, is because there was really nothing special about this seduction.

I had number closed her a week prior, when she was sunbathing near Southbank. She was lying in the grass, reading a book. She hooked fast and soon gave me her Facebook contact, as she didn’t have an Australian phone number.

The date went as usual – first venue coffee, second venue drinks, third venue (my place) sex, no resistance. What’s worth mentioning though, is that I wasn’t getting any signals from her to keep on escalating. If I’d touch her, she wouldn’t touch back, and even when I was holding her hand, caressing it, she wouldn’t rub my hand back. Nevertheless, I just kept on going, to see if I’d hit a wall, but it didn’t happen.

That was one month ago and since then I hadn’t slept with a new girl. I got really close though with a very cute Australian football player, who I had met at Chadstone mall. She was fun to talk to and didn’t seem to take things too seriously. The texting went well and she responded with even better photo pings than I had.

This was the first picture. She wrote “Just battling with the work cat.”



Her second ping was pretty funny too:

“Living on the edge of life today with double teabags”


She was even the first one to ask to meet up again:

When she met me at my standard first venue in Saint Kilda, she was wearing a short black skirt with a white top. She was prettier than I had remembered her.

The date went really well and we were lucky to have the same kind of humour – sarcasm. There were only a few moments when we were talking without a sarcastic undertone. I had no problems escalating, but after the second venue I barely managed to convince her to come to my apartment, even for just ten minutes. I hadn’t kissed her up to this point, to not burst the sexual bubble, but there had been a lot of hand caressing in the second bar.

At my place, we sat down on the couch to look at some pictures. After a couple of minutes I went in for the kiss, which slowly progressed to a makeout. Then, she pulled out her phone to call an Uber, so I quickly backed off, hoping she would think about it again. But it was too late and she had made up her mind. Her driver arrived a moment later, and off she went into the night.

When I arrived back from Tasmania a week later, she didn’t agree to my second date request, saying that she’d had fun, but that she was still getting over a breakup. My plan is to hold on to the number for now, and to text her again in late December.

The reason I went to Tasmania, was to spend a few days with the Argentinian girl. It was good for me to switch off daygame mode, even if it was just for three days.

Back in Melbourne, I realised that I hadn’t slept with a new girl in nearly a month. On Friday evening, a new wingman of mine, Mr. J, had a quick chat with me on the phone to tell me about his last dating experience. It was a dirty and quick instant date in the CBD. Hearing the ridiculous things he had done motivated me to get out there and hunt for my first SDL (same day lay).

I started off in Saint Kilda and did three approaches, which lead nowhere. The quality and quantity of girls just wasn’t good enough. I had to get over the limiting belief that I wouldn’t be able to pull a girl I’d met in the CBD back to my place in Saint Kilda, the same night I’d met her.

It was close to 7pm when I jumped on a tram towards Downtown Melbourne. I was still stuck in my head after work, and didn’t believe that anything would happen. Then, after five approaches, I finally got my first number, which gave me the little boost of motivation I needed. She was unfortunately on her way to meet friends, otherwise I would have asked for a quick drink.

With a glimpse of hope I continued my search and spotted a dark haired French girl  who was smiling and on the phone. She wasn’t dressed sexy at all, wearing a blue down jacket, violet long pants and Salomon shoes, but her vibe was playful and fun. I stopped her by running and wheeling in front of her. Her eyes widened as I gave her the compliment and told her she looked too happy. I could sense that she had already hooked.

She fidgeted around with her phone for a while, until she gave me her full attention. I enjoyed standing there, non reactive, making her nervous. We had a short chat about her work and where she was from. She was 29, had spent most of her life in Marseille and was now working as a scientist at a local university. I had a deja-vu of the Dutch marathon runner who had also worked in research at a university.

She was just on her way home and didn’t have plans, so I told her to join me in consuming some alcohol. She agreed, saying “Why not?!” with the cutest French accent I’d heard ever.

I had Mr. J’s story in mind, which I can’t yet tell. My goal was to field test his experience and to see if I could pull off what he had managed. For that reason, I took her to “the rooftop bar”, which lives up to its name. The venue was absolutely packed with people, and we were forced to sit close to each other on one of the big wooden stairs. It was ideal, seeing that I wanted to push for fast escalation. We got on well, and after only a few moments we were caressing each others hands. By the way, I got this technique from a guy called 60 Years of Challenge and its written in his PDF “Fearless, Relentless, Escalation.”

It was time to push things further with my new companion. The rooftop bar is just one of many venues in the building. Each floor has its own bar and so I wasn’t even forced to leave the building to have a change in location. This was the plan all along, as Mr. J had pulled off his sorcery in a place called “The Toff in Town,”  just a few floors below the rooftop bar. The unique feature of this venue was that it had dark booths, which one was able to close off with sliding doors from the rest of the bar. Mr. J had successfully gotten his date to give him a blowjob at their table in the booth they’d been in. Unfortunately, because he currently lives quite far away, he wasn’t able to seal the deal. I, on the other hand, didn’t have any logistical excuses.

We ordered two fancy cocktails and split the bill. I had paid for the drinks at the rooftop bar and had actually said that she would pay the next round. The prices of the cocktails were ridiculous though, and I felt bad for making her pay for both.

Anyways, we found a booth for us, and it didn’t take long before we were all over each other and making out passionately. I had reached a peak in sexual tension, when I moved her hand to my crotch to feel how hard I was. She giggled as I closed the doors of the booth, so we’d have some privacy. As our makeout continued I opened my pants and put her hand on my cock. She pulled back, saying that it was too fast and that I couldn’t do that in public. I just agreed and kept on kissing her lips and neck, which turned her on even more. I could read on her face, that she wanted to keep on going, but also, that she was too uncomfortable to do it there.

The moment of truth had arrived. I had to convince her to jump on a tram to Saint Kilda, 30 minutes away from the CBD. Also, she had to work the next day. I had to risk it though, as the chances of her coming out on a second date weren’t good. The escalation had already gone too fast, and afterwards, she would have most likely felt bad about going along with it.

I seeded the bounce with my photo routine, promising to call a cab for her as soon as I was done. She agreed without thinking about it. I couldn’t believe it, and made sure not to count my chickens too soon. Only once we passed the station she had to get out at did I relax and silently start to celebrate what I had achieved. Every few minutes she would say that this was wrong, and that we had to stop, but her eyes and hands were speaking another language.

Back at my place, I got through half of the pictures, still wanting to play it safe. Then, I put my laptop away and pushed things further. After a bit of token LMR, nothing serious, just a bit of rolling off and agreeing that it was too fast and naughty, she gave in and let her instincts take control.

Finally, I’ve had my first daygame SDL since starting out in Calgary back in June last year. Sometimes, I still can’t believe how far I’ve come and what an amazing skillet I now have. It’s actually pretty funny, that the closest I ever came to a SDL was with the first girlI’d slept with. I guess #20 was just meant to be special 😉