Black Sheep Bandit Episode 3

Episode 3 of the Black Sheep Bandit video series covering my nomadic daygame and dating adventures in the mobile passion wagon. Today I give you a tour of love shack and answer your questions about the panty-dropping van.


MAIN VAN COSTS (excluding labour): 

Citron Relay L2H2, 2015, with 2 litre diesel engine (£9000)

270 watt roof solar panel and x2 130 amp leisure batteries with inverter (£950)

CRX50 12 v fridge (£500)

Reclaimed wood (£500)

30 litre under slung LPG system (£485)

Propex HS2000 gas heater with thermostat (£480)

Propex Malaga 5 water heater (£380)

Pipsqueak mini wood burning stove (£200)

Power supply unit with built in split charger (£180)

70 litre under slung fresh water tank  (£180)

60 litre under slung waste water tank (£180)

Thetford portable toilet (£65)

TOTAL: £13,100*

* You could do a van conversion for much cheaper but I’m living in mine full time and treated it like an investment (its value is already a lot more). 

Daygame Van Lay Report

Lay Report: VW Campervan Daygame Lay

A delightfully degenerate daygame lay report from Mr O who I taught on a bootcamp in Sydney last summer. He’s just returned from a VW campervan daygame expedition to the Gold Coast and this is his write up: 

“I had decided at the start of 2018 to broaden my horizons by daygaming in major cities around the east coast of Australia. This had proved a successful tactic during my first trip to Melbourne in January. This month I visited Australia’s Gold Coast for 2 weeks on a job finding and girl seducing mission (Commonwealth Games were on the duration of my trip).

Week One found me staying in a self contained apartment I’d rented from AirBnB in hip Broadbeach. Geared with Sydney daygame reference experience, I checked into my apartment and went out to the main street to pursue tourists and locals alike.

Very first set was a solid number close, an Aussie girl in her mid 20’s who’d travelled here for work. From that point I knew this trip was gonna be one roller coaster of a ride. The hindbrain kicked in and the escapades began.

Week One schedule went something like this: woke up after an alcohol fuelled night around mid morning for cheeky bodysurfing and daygaming. I’d read that if you go to the beach picking up girls without a decent reason it may come across a little creepy. The first session was always tough with my touristic look and my soaking board shorts. There was no way to carry my phone or go for instant coffee dates, so my only option was to write my number in their phones and text myself her name so I could put a face to the number.

After returning to the apartment and getting ready for the day, I would wander around daygaming and finding places to eat. My local was a pub called the Envy Hotel which I had visited the last time I was in Broadbeach. I would mostly pull to this pub if I had an instant date simply because I knew the staff and the layout of the place. Combining gutter game with daygame is always a better tactic. In this way you don’t stress too much about numbers flaking and you always had a new set to open.

Gutter game highlights at Broadbeach include taking a married 28 year old Aussie to a bar to kiss and number close, bouncing a French bird back to mine for drinks and blue balls as well as bouncing a group of foreign girls back to the Envy with a flaky number close. Walking in my local with 3 young girls behind me, I felt like the man. Broadbeach was dead by 10pm so it was time to hit Cavill avenue in Surfers Paradise!

End of the week, and my date was running late so I had decided to open new sets instead of waiting. 2nd approach was a cute Californian Latina over here on a working holiday visa. The initial interaction was short but she said it was her night off work, so I suggested bouncing to a pub for drinks. 30 minutes of rapport followed by verbal and physical escalation led to us bouncing to the beach after 3 drinks. I used Tom Torero’s classic “count to 10 whilst not laughing with a reward if she’d passed” gambit. A heavy make out followed.

Soon after we had bounced to Broadbeach on the tram. This was a mistake and as a consequence all sexual tension had faded by the awkward silence on a packed tram mixed with semi drunkenness. The Envy held karaoke every Friday night and by this time it was either that or try bounce her back to mine. She asked to put our names down, but of course being a 2D alpha I declined and pinky promised her a sing song the following week. Im 90% sure that if we had stayed and sung for a bit I would have been in. By the time we walked back the tension had died. I had asked her to come and check out my pilot paraphernalia at mine but she declined. Number and kiss close and yet more blue balls.

The start of week two, still no notch and I was upgrading from a 4 star resort to a 5 star campervan. A 2017 VW camper which was kitted out with a double bed, mood lighting, a lounge and a kitchenette. It was a massive trek with all my bags on public transport to pick up the van, but once I had the keys, it didn’t take long for the daygame shenanigans to begin again. I parked up at a place called Southport and ran some street and shopping mall game. I had never attracted so much attention from the authorities and eventually, I got kicked out by security (the first time this had happened ever.)

Shortly after this I opened a set on the street just in front of the automatic doors. A short interaction, a cute Spanish bird with a number close and a kiss on the cheek with a hug. Lo and behold I look next to me, 10 metres away this same security guard is prying once again. After the set I approached him and said we aren’t in the mall anymore.

That night I decided to park the van as close as I could to Surfers Paradise (nightlife district) to run some gutter game. By this point I was feeling the sniffles and just about had enough of chasing.

It was a tough first hour with plenty of rejections but just as I was about to retire to a pub, a cute young girl stood in front of me at the traffic lights. I let her cross and then front stopped her. A 22 year old Spanish girl who had 5 weeks left on her student visa. The initial interaction was short but sweet.

A little token resistance when I offered to bounce her to the pub for drinks, but I explained that I was traveling in the van soon so it would be tonight or never. After smashing this frame test, she gave me plenty of compliance throughout. A short walk to the pub where I let her choose seats and I ordered the beers (pints on purpose).

Small chit chat followed by fractionated escalation. I now tend to combine my date tactics with Tom’s method and some of Neil Strauss’ method found on Youtube. Some good gambits include the 5 Question Game, The Cube, Eliciting Values, Dog Chin and the Rat Race. Learn all of these but just use 1 or 2 in the interaction. You don’t want to go overboard. I find The Cube one of the better gambits and always use it for the Chick Crack effect. These mixed in with Tom’s escalation techniques work like gold. I ran The Cube on her with great success and then tried Dog Chin for something more playful.

Once she started leaning in and I made that dog bark, her drink spilt all over the table and we both laughed for 2 minutes straight. That was one of the funniest moments I have ever had with a girl. This led straight in to a heavy makeout which was awesome.

We then finished what was left of our drinks and headed to the van via the store to get orange juice mixer for the bottle of vodka I hadn’t cracked yet. A short 10 minute walk but once in the Shaggin’ Wagon she sat straight on the bed. I poured ourselves some drinks and sat opposite her on the bed. A little chit chat before I took her cup from her hand and put it on the kitchenette table. She fell on top of me and we started to kiss and dry hump. Following a couple minutes of this, I threw her down on to her back, took the position and tested the suspension…twice.

My first SDL with a Spaniard coupled with the first night in the van. What a satisfying adventure.”

Some stats include:

8 days of chasing

60 to 75 approaches

25-30 numbers

3 close calls

1 notch

Hope you enjoy it Tom~looking forward to seeing it on the almighty blog.

Cheers, Mr O

50 Year Old Daygamer’s Story

This week’s daygame podcast catches up with 50 year old daygamer ‘Mr A’ from Episode #96 to hear how his “52 first dates in one year” project went. We discuss his views on settling down with one girl versus casual sex in player mode, plus how age affects your daygame and dating chances.

Follow Mr A’s journey and read his daygame memoirs here.

Book a place on the Russian bootcamps I’m doing with Mystery and Beckster in May here. Daygame meets night game with the hottest girls in the world 😉

Two Set Daygame Lay Report

Two Set Daygame Lay ReportA blast from the past with this lay report emailed from Mr F who I did a residential with in Prague in 2013. How young and innocent we were, cheers for the memories Mr F, stay horny 😉 

“I had been doing daygame on and off for 2 years in London before I bit the bullet and took a five day residential with Tom in Prague CZ. I told him that I wanted to be pushed as I was getting laid but only with girls the same SMV as me and I had anxiety to do opens in any situation that wasn’t front stopping girls alone.

It’s fair to say my anxiety was through the roof when I met him under the clock in the old town square on our first day. I was scared to meet him because I’d watched his videos and been watching Girlfriend Sequence on repeat. But he was very chill and soon calmed me down. The thing I remember the most is his eye contact to everyone, kind of strong and intense but cheeky and fun.

We did 5 hours infield a day in two sessions, talking to ten or more girls every day. I remember being knackered from all the walking, the sun and the high pressure sets in stores, girls in parks sunbathing and even some on the “beach” by the river.

On the third day we had finished getting numbers and went for a beer in a bar in the old square. As we were going to walk in Tom opened a two set of American Erasamus girls who were sitting on a bench opposite the entrance taking photos. He waved for me to come over and I did what he’d taught me the day before with talking to the friend of the main one he was next to. Both girls were age 20 and cute from Texas. His one was louder but prettier but I wasn’t complaining with mine.

He told them to join us for a drink which they did and then in the men’s toilets we had a planning chat about what to do. Stay together in the bar and then Tom would go outside with his girl to smoke and get a kiss when I would try to kiss mine in the bar.

I remember a group of Spanish guys trying to cock block by asking the girls to dance and the girls staying with us. We played table football, drank more beers and Tom kissed his girl at the bar when they went to get more drinks. Mine was more shy but she held my hand so that was a good sign. The girls were way more confident than I’m used to but Tom bantered hard and I did the comfort so it was good cop bad cop.

We walked them up to Wenceslas Square where the apartment was so we could “show them the balcony” and then it got awkward in the living room as I missed Tom’s signals to split up into our bedrooms. He was sending me text messages telling me what to do but I didn’t check my phone until later.

After a bit Tom just got up and took his girl into the kitchen to “get food.” He didn’t come back and I heard music and naughty noises from his room so I knew I had to escalate with my girl even though she was quieter. I turned up the tv in my room and tried to go for it but she’d only kiss and hug. I texted Tom back and he replied to say to tell her to sleep over.

We sleep but in the morning I woke up with her hugging me and our clothes on the floor so I went for it again and this time it was easy. Later we all sat on the balcony looking out onto the street and talking like nothing had happened. Tom wanted to go out later and daygame again but I was a wreck so we had a rest day with me walking around with a big smile on my face.”


Progress Report From Charlie (+ Lay Report)

Charlie’s one of the guys on the Beginner’s Guide To Daygame video from the summer of 2016. Here’s a progress report with stats and a lay report that he emailed me a few days ago:

“I started off this year a bit disappointed by my recent lack of daygame approaches so I spontaneously decided to go travelling around the Netherlands, Czech Republic and Poland from early February to Mid April since these countries all contained my favourite nationalities of girls. My main goal was to get my daygame skills consistently good because I would normally have to get a train to London once a week to achieve a good volume to practice on (since I live in a small city), however in the back of my mind I was feeling hopeful about getting some notches under my belt.

I spent a bit of time in the Netherlands and ended up laying a girl who I’d met previously in the UK from night game. She was really friendly and a cool/fun person but I just wasn’t that into her and felt I could do a lot better. A few weeks into the trip, and I was getting lots of numbers in Prague but getting girls to come out was another issue entirely. There were points where I was thinking “what the hell am I even doing here?” sitting alone in my Prague Airbnb, texting all these numbers which would result in girls cancelling dates at the last minute.

I took a few days off to relax and then met up with Tom and a whole bunch of other local daygamers (who’d been doing it for a really long time with fantastic results) in Poland who gave me advice and helped to give me the push I needed to keep at it with the approaches. I was now getting more girls on dates and even managed to get a lay with a really nice polish girl from a bit of drunken night game. However I was there for the daygame and after showing other daygamers my text exchanges it became obvious that my texts were too logical and boring and a lot of the time I wouldn’t invite the girl out until it was too late.

It was the second to last week of my trip and I thought fuck it. No more boring logical text exchanges. Just invite her out after a few exchanges. I went out to the town centre and saw a girl with long flowing hair and camouflage style leggings and thought to myself “oh this is perfect”. I went up and approached her and compared her colourful rainbow socks to her leggings and said that maybe she couldn’t decide what outfit to wear that day. It turned out she was a beautiful Ukrainian girl studying in the city. She hooked fairly soon and I told her a bit about myself while asking about her to keep things grounded. I told her I would like to take her out for a drink and then we exchanged numbers.

Over text she asked “Do you always talk to girls in the street?” to which I replied “Only the ones wearing crazy outfits ;)” About one text later I invited her out and she happily agreed. I told her to bring the crazy outfit and I would bring the English charm.

We met at the first venue for some ice cold Polish beers. We had a bit of normal chit chat while I began weaving in questions, dialling things up whilst fractionating. At one point I felt the conversation dying a little bit and she was starting to lose interest. I went to the toilet when I came back she was texting on her phone for about a minute so I began to text people on my phone, keeping this up even after she finished on hers. This immediately got her investing more. I then decided to bounce her to the next venue, this one being darker and more intimate.

She sat next to me, and I started comparing hand sizes and getting her to show her tattoo. I would fractionate this by showing her pictures on my phone of me and my family/friends and talking about travelling/different countries we’d been to. At a certain point I felt that she was extremely comfortable around me. I lifted her legs up over mine so that she was lying across me and then went in for the kiss. I made sure to pull away before she did and not kiss too much (simple mistakes that I had made in the past which had killed the sexual tension). I then felt that it was time to seal the deal so I suggested a movie at mine. No objections!

We went back to mine whilst having normal chit chat. I can leave what happened next to your imagination. +1

It was a fantastic night. My daygame/dating skills had reached another level. It has definitely been a roller-coaster of a trip. At this point my stats this year are as follows:  129 cold approaches, 46 numbers, 8 dates, 2 kisses and 1 lay (from daygame cold approach). I feel that’s ok for a beginner transitioning into intermediate. My goal now is to get that number below 100 whilst retaining that same quality of beautiful/feminine girls.”

Forebrain vs Hindbrain Lay Report

lay report

An interesting lay report from a local daygamer I met up with in Riga, Latvia who goes by the name St Robert. You can follow more of his adventures here.

“I opened her in late January in Galerija Centrs mall in the heart of Riga. She was a flamenco dancer who’s studying to become an artist. As I told my usual “I stopped you because I really like the way you look. But you seem interesting. Another time we’re gonna go for some wine”, she said she has a boyfriend. “I do too” worked perfect.

A week later we met to go for some wine. As we went in my favorite date location, she rushed out. There was a strong lavender scent which caused her to have a panic attack. Turn out she sometimes has them.

She felt bad and didn’t want to ruin the date. After she calmed down I told we can either go back in or just grab a bottle of wine and go to mine. It was a bold move but it worked.

She put on some Russian “Serebro” pop music while I opened the wine. Which she decided not to drink and wanted some tea.

I treated it as a regular date and escalated as usual. She didn’t go for any physical escalation. Even getting to a kiss took a long time.

From time to time her boyfriend texted to know where she was. She was at a bar with her friends. After a while she called him to tell him she just got home and was gonna take a shower and go to sleep.

Interesting parts:

  1. She complained guys stopped pushing it once they found out she has a bf
  2. She has been on a date with another guy who stopped her on a street. While she had the same bf.

Her body language and other non-verbals said she wanted it. Her logical brain kept stopping her.

It was late, we had finished the bottle of wine and I said she could stay overnight if she behaved. “And it doesn’t mean we’re gonna have sex.” She sent a text to her mother saying “I won’t be home”. I later found out the mother replied with “It is a mistake”.

As always, I told her I don’t have any t-shirts. We went to bed. I didn’t do anything for the first 5 minutes and then…well it was an explosion. She went for it full throttle.

And…just as we finished her “moral hangover” started.

Turns out this was the first time she cheated. The other daygamer she went out with was uncalibrated and didn’t get the lay.

Main take-aways:

  1. Keep going for the number if she has a bf;
  2. Non-verbals > verbals;
  3. Calibration, calibration, calibration(push-pull)”

How To Raise A Girl’s Buying Temperature

Today’s video is about how to raise a girl’s buying temperature using daygame, dating and seduction. I explain the techniques needed to get the flames going and why the order of doing things is so important.

Here’s the free copy of my How To Flirt With Girls PDF to help get the fire started 😉

Tom Torero Flirting Guide

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