Change Her Mood Not Her Mind

This week’s Tom Torero podcast is something different. It’s mostly an infield daygame audio recording from a gutter game session in Toronto, captured in the summer of 2016.

If you listen carefully to the infield there’s lots to extract from it. Many of the tools in the Torero toolkit are featured…

  • I’m persistent but non-needy
  • It’s light and playful, not heavy and logical
  • I’m working on her mood not her mind
  • There’s leading and controlled logistics
  • I use singing to pump her buying temperature
  • I flirt with others in the venue to raise the general vibe


Verbal escalation included:

  • The direct opener
  • Elephant In The Room about trying to seduce her
  • Play on words (the meaning of “bear” in French)
  • Parody Chode (telling her I’m a good Christian boy)
  • Angel vs devil routine
  • Cat vs tiger routine
  • Putting her on a points system
  • Pre-empting LMR (“this is so crazy, this is so random”)
  • Finding out what kind of guys she likes
  • Parody Brute (ABC buttons)
  • Talking about sex shops (which she initiates)


Physical escalation included:

  • Tattoo routine
  • Ring routine
  • Looking for her devil horns
  • Seeing how skinny she is
  • Shoulder massage
  • Pulling her in (my “Floppy Test”)
  • Good smell (and my “Drive-By” kisses)
  • Pretend proposal
  • Kiss

Sleepy Daygame Infield

A low-energy morning infield from a mall two years ago in Poland showing some “out of state” daygame.

Some things to watch out for:

  • The lack of a front stop (not needed in a mall)
  • The pregnant pauses which create sexual tension
  • Her mini-bouncing me to one side – a big green light
  • My heavy use of playful challenging and qualification (this was because of my sleepiness and lack of banter, which accidentally worked in my favour)
  • The use of a time constraint to help lead her to an instant date 


To watch the rest of the date go here to view my full infield product Stealth Seduction. 

Pickup Dark Arts

This week on the Tom Torero Podcast I’m joined by Troy Francis to take a walk on the wild side of pickup. As an antidote to Valentine’s Day we discuss the kinkier parts of seduction, from strippers and BDSM clubs to swingers and sex parties. How has pickup become sanitised and why does embracing the darker side of Game make us more human?

Find out more about Troy’s extensive writing here. His new book is out today.

To book a place on the Russian bootcamps with Mystery, Beckster and myself in May then go here. It’s going to be kinkier than a cheap garden hose 😉

Tom Torero: How To Flirt (Infield)

An infield from the Fall of 2016 in Toronto, Canada. I’m having a coffee break rest from my daygame Street Hustle adventures when I see a cute girl sitting by the window just finishing her lunch.

Notice how real infield daygame is not a logical linear model. Instead it’s three-dimensional where attraction, comfort and some light seduction are woven together. Flirty spikes lift the conversation every so often to get out of the chit-chat trap.

Watch how the investment level shifts: first it’s me doing the work, then I’m flipping things around and getting her to do more and more. The interaction is also bedded down with some grounding to stop it fizzing over.

Realise what the point of this flirtation is: to get compliance in order to bounce her out of the coffee shop on a seduction adventure. Don’t do more than is needed and forget about the whole point of what you’re aiming to do.

Tom Torero: Show, Don’t Tell


Writing for me is like pulling teeth. Whilst photography and film making flows naturally, putting pen to paper or tapping away on a laptop is painful. The book that I’m writing now (Below The Belt) will be my last collection of lay reports. From here on in I’m done with the blogging and chronicling by word. It’s time to just show rather than tell. 

“Don’t talk, just act. Don’t say, just show. Don’t promise, just prove.”

I’ll be videoing a lot more, capturing the Black Sheep Bandit adventures on camera so you can see the pickup lifestyle rather than just read a printed version. For now follow what I’m up to on Instagram:


Like I always say, get off pickup forums and discussion groups. The Game is played outside, infield, talking to girls rather than to other guys on the internet. The theory is only the 10% to get you going. 90% is getting your hands dirty (and hopefully other parts of your body) in the real world.

If you want to see and hear me infield for 17+ hours then watch my daygame pickup programme Stealth Seduction which certainly shows rather than tells.