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Peeping Tom

1-on-1 infield coaching with Tom :£700 per day (5 hours). Available worldwide.

Skype coaching / coffee consultation with Tom: £100 per hour.

NB: Tom is sold out for his live coaching until May 2017. Contact him to ask about alternative infield training with his wing Craig. to book

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Torero Infield


"One number a day keeps the neediness away." Use the app 'New Digits' to keep track. "Don't tell me, show me." My wing's arrived in the city 👍🏻 Monkey Business 😉 Escaping winter here for a while has done wonders for my mental health and energy levels ☀️ Adding in bonus infields to "Stealth Seduction" 🎥 "Daygame 3.0" London seminar in February....details soon 👍🏻

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