Mystery – Beckster – Torero PUA Podcast


This week’s Tom Torero Podcast comes from Mother Russia where Mystery, Beckster and myself have been teaching bootcamps and bringing fine young ladies together into a whirlwind-like Funnel Of Love.

The podcast covers:
* the Seven Hour rule from meet to sex
* Beckster’s micro-comfort and the art of the roll off
* getting your logistics sorted
* the Five Levels Of Game
* merging sets using compliance and qualification
* a Beckster routine for kiss closing
* why outer game action beats inner game procrastination
* Instagram as a new tool to time bridge

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Wing Wanted For Warsaw

daygame wing

The second Black Sheep Award for Spring 2018 was given to a splendid Irish fella called Nigel who’ll be going to Warsaw Poland for some daygame delights.

He’ll be there from 29th to the 31st of May and is looking for a wing in the city (local or visiting). If you’re up for three days of happy hustling and hedonism with him then leave your email below.

[Thanks again to James Holt for making the second award possible]

Daygame As Therapy For Depression

Daygame As Therapy For Depression

A really encouraging email I received today from Mr A in Australia who’s been using daygame as therapy for bouts of the black dog. Hope it inspires readers of the blog who are still procrastinating about trying some Street Hustling. Great stuff Mr A, stay horny my friend 😉 

Dear Tom,

I hope you can spare a few minutes to hear my story. I came across your videos on Youtube about 9 months ago. Over the last 3 years I have gone in and out of cycles of clinical depression due to a long term relationship ending, lossing my job, lossing close friends and family through terminal illnesses and my general extremely poor form with the opposite sex in recent years. As well as reason I can’t even explain, the black dog just gets ya sometimes from nowhere. I fell into a dark hole and felt like there was no way out. Bed ridden for long periods of time with no drive to even go outside.

One day I said fuck it. Sold nearly all my stuff and decided I would travel the world as a minimalist. I’ve been into over 50 countries and did a 20 000 km trip around Australia. I thought forget relationships and women, I’m going traveling. That was until I got to the Czech Republic and fell in love with a Czech girl (she picked me up). Of course it was doomed with my neediness and Oneitis behaviour. After a few months of probably the best sex of my life and the only sex I had in over 18 months I was pretty shattered when it came to a end. Back into the depression cycle again.

It was around that time I came across your videos. At first I was skeptical and thought no way I could do that being a bit of a shy and introverted guy. I left it at that and continued on with my traveling. I remember two places where I lost it crying being surrounded by absolutely stunning women and with such bad approach anxiety and self worth that it was a challenge just to hold eye contact with such beautiful women.

So months went on with me reading all your books, watching all your videos and podcasts and me chickening out to approach a beautiful girl on the street. And there were many that passed me by. Then finally again I said fuck it and took the leap and opened a stunning 23 year old English girl from Bristol. To my surprise the interaction went well and I took her out on a date. Didn’t fuck her. But 3 approaches later on my 4th approach in daygame I instant dated a Russian 8. She was 7 years younger than me, I’m 33 by the way. I could not believe it. The kind of girl I thought I had no chance with. I had a mini 2 week relationship with her and it was probably the happiest I have felt in years.

So far I have been actively daygaming for 3 months: I have done 92 approaches, 17 number closes, 12 first dates. I only banged the one Russian girl. I made out with another Russian girl, got her to the door of the hotel where she freaked out and would not come inside.

It really is a form of therapy and has changed my life for the better. When I look back and think where I was and where I am now, jesus! I was for a long time resentful towards women. I’m getting better at dealing with that. After I got that first notch early in Game I was on fire. I felt like I could approach any girl and rejection wouldn’t phase me the slightest bit. Then after a run of 30 blowouts from cold Russians the self esteem started to drop a bit.

My sticking points would be: not sexually spiking enough on the dates, not sticking in there when she hasn’t hooked or has hooked but I just hit the eject button anyway cause the vibe feels strange, finding subjects to keep stacking with and the language barrier, and hitting the eject button during the Russian minute. About 95% of the girls I have been approaching are Russian. I love Russian women too. I love how you can hang in there with the ice queens and it doesn’t even phase you one bit, very zen badass buddha. Also the humour you put in some of your videos and podcast always give me a laugh.

One day I hope to be a daygame dynamo like yourself. I know I’ve got a lot of work to do. I don’t know if you realise the positive effect you are having on a lot of men’s lives. Both with the education and experience you’re providing and your honesty with the struggles you have had in your own life. Don’t know how to thank you enough mate for showing me the light. It’s really changed my life for the better and for the first time In a long time I feel optimistic for the future. I would love to get you a few beers sometime and exchange some war stories as well as some coaching from the master himself one day. I’m in Asia at the moment but heading to the Ukraine and Russia in 4 weeks for a summer of daygame. Hopefully I can get some more notches on my belt. I’m feeling confident. Feels good to be the chooser and not the chosen. 

I can’t thank you enough Tom. Keep up the great work mate.

Mr A from Australia

Daygame “Sin City” Stories


Sin City: An urban area that caters to various vices. E.g. Prague, Amsterdam, London Soho, Berlin, Miami, Las Vegas

In this week’s daygame podcast I’m joined in Prague by Craig Cassidy, Troy Francis and Frank for a buffet of bachelor bang stories. We discuss the world’s great “Sin Cities” and what makes them tick, along with the requirements for some gutter game antics.

Behind The Curtain: Secret Society Lay Report

Behind The Curtain: Secret Society Lay Report

A British daygamer called Mr D who I taught on a bootcamp last summer sent me this naughty lay report from his time in Barcelona:

“I stopped a Canadian girl who was in the city, alone, for a few days, before going to another Spanish city. She was cute, alternative and had a great body. She was heading to her hostel for the complimentary sangria so we swapped numbers and arranged to meet later.

I sent her a message an hour later and she told me to join her as she was having a few drinks with people she had met at the hostel. My initial reaction was ‘fuck this,’ not really being in the mood for large scale socialising.

I did eventually decide to go and at least try to have some fun and meet new people. I arrived at the venue and grabbed a drink, spoke to her for a bit and then started speaking to some of the guys who were there. My value rose when I beat her at pool a few times, and I flirted with some of the other girls there too.

The night progressed and the plan was to all head to the club, but as the group left we stayed to finish our drinks and then we couldn’t really find the club. I did the decent thing and offered to take her back to my apartment for pasta, for which she agreed. Up to this point I was unsure about her attraction to me – I am normally pretty good at detecting attraction but this girl had a great poker face.

As I sat there next to her on the sofa I knew I had to make the move so I went in for the kiss and there was no resistance. Clothes came off and we ended up fucking.

The apartment where I live is an AirBnB apartment in which all 4 rooms are rented to tourists. There are usually 10 to 12 guests in the apartment at any one time. I sleep behind a curtain in what was a living room, but two of the rooms are directly next to this curtain so sleeping with a girl behind just a curtain is very exciting.

That evening wasn’t a problem as everyone was asleep. In the morning we woke up with horniness in the air, the problem was that the apartment was bristling with life, people walking past the curtain constantly. We could hear the conversations going on in the other living room which is just feet away. This didn’t stop us though – we fucked again with people walking past every few minutes, with the bed squeaking and her moaning. One dude even poked his head in to have a cheeky look. He gave me the nod of approval as she was riding on top of me with her back to him.

My notion that girls may be hesitant to have sex in a place with so little privacy has been smashed, quite literally, many times now, and I am sure that they all love the extra adrenaline that comes with the idea of being caught.

Mr D”