Taking Away Not Adding On


Getting good at daygame pickup means you’re relying on less theory and more intuition. You’re taking away rather than adding on as you’re reaching a flow state. Simple beats complex as you drill down to the essence of what matters. I discuss this more in my Occam’s Razor podcast.

After a year or two of models, structures and learning you’ve got to ditch the stabilisers, let go of the theoretical framework and rely on your muscle memory. Being in your head with daygame, just like with any other contact sport, is detrimental to your performance.

So what does “advanced theory” look like? A white page. A hike with no map. A freestyle performance. An improvised riff. You’ve become unconsciously competent, as I discuss in this video:

Mystery – Beckster – Torero Bootcamp


“I confess, we’ve been rather naughty boys”

The only live daygame training I’m going to be doing for the rest of the year is on two Russian bootcamps with the legends Mystery and Beckster. They’ll be running their regular weekend training (starting on the Friday evening) including infield night game, while I’ll be helping coach the infield daygame on Saturday.

Click on the city and dates you’re interested in to book a place, or get in touch with me to find out more (tom@tomtorero.com). Daygame meets night game in two cities with perhaps the most stunning girls on the planet. Get ready to melt some ice queens πŸ˜‰

Saint Petersburg: Friday 11th – Sunday 13th May

Moscow: Friday 18th – Sunday 20th May

Pickup Return On Investment

Ian and I review realistic Street Hustle results and what a typical Return On Investment (ROI) looks like for daygame. Why do some guys get such different results? And when should you not daygame and choose another way to meet girls instead?

Review your Male Sexual Market Value here.

The videos mentioned in the podcast are below:

Realistic Daygame Statistics:


Daygame Is Difficult


Should You Quit Daygame?

If X, Then Y…

Just finished watching a stunning documentary on the ancient game of “Go” and the match between the world’s top-ranked player versus an AI computer programme. As you’d expect it’s nerd porn full of programmers and board game devotees but that’s not what you should focus on if you see it.

In the past I’ve discussed the flow state element to daygame, along with the parallels to chess and poker of pickup being both a science and an art. I’ve explored how skilled daygamers are multiple moves ahead, seeing deep into the game rather than than taking things move by move. There’s precise probability calculations plus artistic creativity.

On the surface, the documentary project seems like a re-run of the “Man vs Machine” 1997 match between chess legend Garry Kasparov and the IBM supercomputer ‘Deep Blue‘ (which the computer won). But this film based on Go, an older and more complex game than chess, is something far more abstract and profound, like the game itself.

Without spoiling the finale of the film, I still wanted to note down some of the practical revelations in relation to daygame that I got from the nerdy overdose of theory in the movie:

  • The game is a mirror to the player. Personality shines through.
  • You shouldn’t change your game style to try to adapt to your opponent – that’s always a sign you’re heading for a loss
  • There’s the logical “If X, Then Y…” tree of variations that has to be learnt but on top of that the game has creativity and fluidity. Great Go players have outstanding intuition to face theΒ game tree complexity of 10360 per move.

Whilst the world champion is battling the AI computer (suitably named AlphaGoΒ by the team of not-so-alpha programmers) the commentators realise that the computer is not only coming up with new moves (that at first seem odd or mistakes) based on depth perception but that it’s also playing “slack moves”

“We’ve been using score as a proxy for ‘chance of winning,’ i.e. the bigger my margin of territory, the more confident I am that I will win. AlphaGo says no – it doesn’t matter how much you win by, you just need to win by a point. Why should you be seizing all this territory when you don’t need it”

AI researcher in the film

This is enlightening for daygame and pickup. You either fuck her or you don’t. As I’ve said before, you don’t get extra brownie points for doing more attraction, more comfort or more seduction than is necessary. The aim of the game is to win, not to waste energy showing off (and in doing so potentially forgetting what the aim actually is).

Anyway, enough geek porn for one evening. Watch the movie yourself and then go outside to talk to some hot girls so you don’t end up like the programmers or board game professionals in the documentary πŸ˜‰

Torero Texting Technique



This year I’ll focus once again on putting out not only more infields but also more screen grab examples of my text game, as it’s an area I’ve not documented in as much detail.

The above example shows how to overcome the nuclear shit test classic when she asks you “what do you want from me?” I use both shit test strategies – first I ignore by playfully misunderstanding the question, then I Agree & Amplify with some parody chode. This works as she reveals her hand by mentioning that she’s on her period.

The “I don’t mind, it’s natural” is my standard response when it’s her time of the month, and usually like here girls are happy you understand.

Before bed I send her a classic voice ping telling her (in a low, slow voice) to remember to bring the flowers and chocolate for me, and to have English dreams. It’s just a short audio message (11 seconds) so she hears the sound of your voice just before she sleeps.

Here’s a video from South America with some more classic text game dealing with a similar situation from a feisty princess:

Taking Action

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 06.49.54.png

An inspiring email from James about overcoming mental masturbation and overloading on theory, and instead hitting the pavements for some Street Hustle action.

“For the first time ever I feel in control of my dating life. For the first time in a long time I am excited about the future.” – James

Bingo. Taking back control. Logging off forums, blogs and even this website to go and grab the horny bull by the horns. James, I salute you πŸ™‚ Keep in touch and let me know how it goes.