Actress Same Day Lay Daygame Report

Actress Same Day Lay Daygame Report

Hi Tom,

First of all I wanna say thank you for all the great content you’ve created. I’ve seen different content but yours is what brought me the results. It’s amazing how much people can get done just by learning what you’ve explained in Street Hustle and showed in Stealth Seduction. Thank you!

I’m currently at 740 opens and 23 daygame lays.

This is a lay report from yesterday. It was my first Same Day Lay (SDL). I’ve had several Same Day De-Lays. But the goal I was trying to achieve in every set since listening to your podcast with Anthony was a Same Day Lay. This was also my 60th lay. A great way to celebrate.

I was walking home to drop off my bag and go out to daygame. I was pretty tired but the amount of hot girls I saw meant I had to go out. On my way home I was talking to a fellow daygamer when I said “See you later. I’ve got to open this girl.”

She was about 170, wearing a tight red dress, had blonde hair and a cute, innocent face. Add her petite form and perfect, large breasts and you have a solid 8. She responded very positively, but was a bit shy. The girl was on a way to her sister’s place where she was staying while she was visiting from another city. She actually tried to bounce me to she other side of the street just because of how hot it was on the sunny side. Instead I suggested going for a glass of beer or wine.

We walked to my regular date venue, bar “Alkimikis” which brews their own beer. I got a beer, she only wanted some water. A good, slightly distant girl. The conversation was a bit slow, but I found some topics that sparked her emotions. She had this innocent face. But naughty eyes. I used silence to my advantage to just sit and look in her eyes for around 30 seconds. Later she told me this was the moment she knew she was gonna kiss me. She was a Russian actress from a far away city in Latvia. Recently single.

We finished our drinks and I took her to my favourite wine place with nice sofas outside. I kept the conversation light, spoke a bit about relationships and other typical topics. But at this venue the conversation was more emotional and deeper. Again we finished the drinks pretty fast. We weren’t even finished when she asked where are we going further.

As we headed off to a park not far away from my place she said she’s only going to a park with me and nowhere else. Good sign. I told I can teach her to ride a longboard since she had appropriate shoes on. We stopped at mine and I grabbed my board while she waited outside.

Teaching her to ride a board was an easy way to start escalating. I had to hold her. She responded by holding onto me. Had to catch her a few times when she was falling. Good sign – when the board rolled away she ran after it and bent over to pick it up revealing her black panties.

We lay down in the grass. She put her hand in my lap. As I put my hand on her stomach I started telling how crazy this is. We barely know each other and feel so comfortable. We lied there and watched the trees and sky above us. The connection was strong and we were having a great time. I started talking about tv series and movies to bring up Vicky Cristina Barcelona which she said she’ll watch home. Instead I suggested watching it now if she’s not afraid of me to which she agreed. I didn’t rush and after 15 more minutes we headed towards my place with a stop in a wine shop.

Back at mine everything was as usual. Drinks, music, movie, kissing. As soon as I felt her feeling slightly uncomfortable from escalation I said “We can stop whenever you like.” As I took off her dress I was surprised. Her breasts looked perfect while she was in the dress. Turned out she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her body was 9/10. Perfect, large, firm breasts, slim waist and a perfect ass. Exactly my type.

As i was taking her to my bedroom she stopped and asked if she can stop now, as I told earlier. I said yes and a minute later she initiated going to the bedroom.

We went down on each other. Possibly the best blowjob I’ve gotten from a girl I’ve met through daygame. She left shortly after sex. The next morning she texted me at 7am to say the experience left more impact than she’d expected. She had become curious about how it would feel to be tied up as it is something I like doing and she doesn’t have any experience with it as a good girl she is.

Added bonus – another girl was calling me during sex and wanted to come over “for the cigarettes she had forgotten”. She came over to give me some head. Perfect evening.

Thanks Tom,

St. Robert

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The Money Game (Tom Torero Blueprint)


Below is a “Money Game Blueprint” that covers the knowledge and advice Lukasz passed onto me for sorting out personal financial freedom. It’s the Blueprint that he’s used himself to stick it to the man and become a fellow Black Sheep Bandit. This week’s podcast explains how together we’ve been working on implementing the Blueprint in our lives.

Let us know your own financial freedom stories – the good and the bad – in the comments below. I’ll send the best three a Torero goody bag with love 😉

Tom Torero Blueprint To Financial Freedom

10-Step Money Game Blueprint

1. The first step is to get rid of debts & loans. Pay off credit cards, student loans etc. as a priority. If you’re in a hole, stop digging. Pay cash for things so they seem real. You will never make money by paying interest.

2. Reduce your monthly spending to keep overheads low (rent, food, travel). Eliminate luxuries and materialistic spending. Cut out the recurrent billing (e.g. Netflix, Tinder) you’re paying. Watch out for hidden fees.

3. Build a Fuck It fund of savings. Systematically and automatically put a percentage of your monthly income (10% minimum) into a hard-to-touch savings account or stock index mutual fund. Don’t access for at least 10 years. Dig your well before you’re thirsty. Understand the power of compounding.

4. Educate yourself on the basics of investing and finance. No need for a Harvard MBA, it’s all online for free. Keep it simple – Wall Street like to confuse you intentionally.

5. Ignore flashy “Get Rich Quick” trends, schemes and fashionable investments. You’re in it for the long haul so ride out Bears and Bulls. Ignore short term market movements. Trade less (others win by getting you to be active with your betting). It’s slow rather than sexy you’re after. Remember you want long term gains not short term pleasure.

6. Get to work! Increase your monthly income through hard graft. There are no short cuts. Build up a business where you get paid while you sleep (passive income). Cut the excuses. Hustle hard. There’s no magic pill.

7. Put your money into things that don’t depreciate. Buying an apartment you can then rent out is an example of asset appreciation. Buying a flashy car is an example of property that depreciates as soon as you drive it out of the show room.

8. Protect your assets and income. Diversify the income streams to become ‘antifragile.’ Divorces are expensive. Child support is expensive. Black Sheep Bandits should be super diligent against such massive life decisions.

9. Develop a minimalist mindset. Value experiences over things. Freedom of time is the ultimate status symbol. Work out how much money you need per year to be free (it’s less than you think, especially outside the USA/UK) and then don’t exhaust yourself hustling beyond that.

10. Stop dreaming of retiring at 65 and putting your feet up. You need to work, you need projects, you need to be active, for as long as possible. When you love your work this is not a problem. Investing in your health is essential to keep your newfound freedom going for as long as you can.


Recommended Reading:

  • 4-Hour Workweek (T Ferriss)
  • Reinvent Yourself (J Altucher)
  • Gems From Warren Buffett (M Gavagan & W Buffett)
  • Antifragile (N Taleb) 

Daygame Home Run Lay Report

Daygame Home Run Lay Report

Hello Tom,

Basking in the after glow of my first daygame lay. I started this journey watching your Beginner’s Guide To Daygame on YouTube. Went out and after a lot of anxiety jumped in front of my first approach. It went well for a first interaction. The model went out of my head so just chit chatted but walked away happy.

I bought Street Hustle soon after and read it cover to cover. Still refer back to it for advice.

Anyway, fast forward to my 207th approach: a short interaction with a lovely girl I followed into TopShop on Oxford Street in London. Such a short interaction I thought she’d flake. She was visiting the UK for her graduation ceremony and only here for a week. A short romance it will be, I cheekily told her.

I followed your date model, with on-off and spiking when I could. Two locations, then did the Strawberry Fields routine. Three hours later she seemed pretty open so I said let’s go back to mine and watch a funny movie. She was happy to follow.

I took your advice and didn’t jump on her at mine, but got her relaxed with a drink. Then I put on some Chris Rock,  gave her a neck rub and then went for it. I got it on with no Token LMR.

Amazing first daygame lay. I’ve seen wings losing motivation and disappearing but for me the more interactions, the more I learned or laughed about. One of the areas I’ve improved on is reading the girls during the interaction

My stats are probably below par: 217 approaches, 4 dates, 1 lay. But all the girls have been way hotter than without daygame. Looking back I probably could have escalated more on the other dates and probably gotten another lay. And I did lose a lot of girls texting back and forth instead of just pinging and arranging to meet.

Big thanks to you Tom. I listened to all your podcasts from 1 to now. It’s kept me motivated.

By the way, I’m 42, separated. The girl in the story was 26, just graduated, a Masters student.

I’ll be hitting the streets/shops/tube with added conviction that this shit really works.


Mr T

Below The Belt – Cumming Soon

Below The Belt Tom Torero Book

We’re about a month away from the release of my new book (first as a paperback and then on Kindle). “Below The Belt: Secret Society Seductions” is 70,000 words of filth, lifting the lid on a world of casual, no-strings sexual adventures.

There’s more grime than ever, with failures, confessions, disasters, breakdowns and next level blue balls. It’s certainly not just happy ending lay reports.

The final section of the book also contains the science behind the Secret Society – Why do girls have lovers and providers? Why are humans not monogamous? What is it about bad boy behaviour that turns girls on? How can you make your daygame sexual rather than just social? 

I’ll be doing a UK / Ireland book tour in the passion wagon some time in September with copies of the book to buy, so keep an eye out for a white van parked up in your neighbourhood 😉

Black Sheep Award Mission Aims II

Tom Torero's Black Sheep Bandit Award - Mission Aims II

An email I received today from the second Summer recipient of the Black Sheep Award, Mr K. He’s off to Bulgaria in August for some hustling and has come up with these aims for the trip. Without a goal it’s impossible to score 😉

“Hi guys, 

I am writing this post as an initial overview of my Black Sheep Award trip to Sofia in Bulgaria. I am travelling on the 23rd of August for two weeks returning on the 6th of September. I have been daygaming for a few years now, I do not keep statistics unfortunately, just the notch count 😉

Initially my daygame was horrendous, I was getting blown out a lot and was held back by limiting beliefs (thinking it’s weird etc). The highlight was being told I was ‘desperate’ by one girl after explaining why I was approaching her – she was confused with being hit on in the street by a random guy she had never met. 

Anyway, I continued despite the initial “beginners’ hell” and perseverance started to pay off. I started to first get numbers, then dates, then the real reason we’re all out there grinding, the lays started to come, literally!

I have managed to get great logistics thanks to help from Tom’s Black Sheep Award, I am right on the main day gaming street in Sofia (Vitosha Boulevard).

I’ve done some research into stereotypes of Bulgaria that will help with teasing and Stacking. First 4-5 days will be structured and number farming will commence – doing at least 10 per day. Keeping an eye out for i-dates and SDL indicators too, not just collecting numbers. 

Sticking points: Talking too fast, I need to slow it down, especially with the language barrier. Opening strong, noticed I sometimes lose the intent as the day goes on 

Goals: Try to pull girls from the street to the apartment, do some Gutter Game, climb Vitosha mountain and get laid!

Inspired by one of Tom’s podcasts, me and a wing are going to incorporate some ‘set pieces’ too: kiss a girl on the street if it’s on. Pull a two-set on an i-date etc.

Thanks for reading, keep hustling 😉

Mr K”

Road Hustler: Grifting, Magic & Thief Subculture

Road Hustler: Grifting, Magic & Thief Subculture

A good daygame friend Stephen has recently lent me this book: “Road Hustler: Grifting, Magic & The Thief Subculture  (Kaufman & Greenburg). I was drawn in by the badass cover and title before I’d even turned the first page.

The rare, out of print book documents the subculture of travelling pro “road hustlers”in the Fifties and Sixties before the widespread legalisation of casino gambling. It goes on to look at their relationship with nomadic magicians also making a living from trickery but in more consensual relationship with their audience.

If you’ve watched Paul Newman playing a pool shark in “The Hustler” (or the weaker sequel “The Colour Of Money”) then you’ll be familiar with the concept of on-the-road hustling to make a living.

I’ll do a podcast review of the book when I’m done but already the parallels to the Black Sheep Bandit lifestyle are obvious. There’s a good reason why I call daygame “Street Hustling.”

Another excellent snapshot of the lost art of road hustlers can be found in this gem of a documentary about New York ping pong hustler Marty Reisman, a charismatic charmer until the end:

Black Sheep Bandit Award Mission Aims

Tom Torero Black Sheep Bandit Award

One of the recipients of the Summer Black Sheep Award, Mr P, is heading out to a city in the USA to complete his daygame hustle challenge after an aborted previous attempt. He’s sent me these written goals to keep him on track, and to remember that you’re out there to learn the skill set, not to get any one particular girl: 

“After a crash and burn on my first attempt at executing the Black Sheep Challenge in another city, I have talked to Tom about what happened and have since adopted an alternative mindset and will make a few adjustments to this attempt to ensure better results for this trip: 

I plan on driving an hour South to our State’s biggest city and, ideally, I will do 30 approaches. 

Getting in a high volume of sets has been difficult, and to combat that, I am committed to doing ten sets before switching venues, the first of which is to happen in the first five minutes.

And because excessive walking was a problem last time, I am planning to walk less and find a decent place to sit in high traffic areas, places most girls will have to stop on any given trip to the mall, such as Victoria’s Secret or the restroom, and launch from there.

To keep myself in check with approach anxiety and other bullshit that stops me from approaching, I will maintain two thoughts in particular: If you knew she would say yes, would you approach? And if she was naked and down for whatever, would you do said whatever? If either are yes, then no matter the circumstances, I will attempt the approach.

And whether I do or don’t, I at least will have accurate feedback as to where my problems lie. I think with this mindset and approach, getting the approaches done is only left up to me and I look forward to the challenge.”

Bachelor Blues?

Cold Calling: Secret Society Seductions


An extract from my forthcoming book “Below The Belt: Secret Society Seductions”: 

You can can be married and bored, or single and lonely. Ain’t no happiness nowhere” – Chris Rock

If only 1% of men are in the Secret Society then it’s quite a lonely place to be by default. Whilst the other 99% of guys are coupled up and cuddling, the perpetual player is hunting for his next meal which is consumed rapidly before moving on to the next chase.

Monogamous relationships make a man soft, mentally and physically. You get comfortable, you stop trying, the frame slips away. Oxytocin, the “cuddle hormone” floods your body as you get settled. Things are familiar. Safe. And boring. It’s no surprise that this turns the girl off.

A player, in contract, rides the wave of adrenaline, dopamine and serotonin highs as he’s out infield getting an addictive rush off of cold approach pickup. He’s energised and focussed, and the youthfulness of the girls he’s pursuing rubs off on him. What he’s massively lacking however is the oxytocin-induced bonding feelings as he moves from girl to girl. Once the sex is over and she’s left the apartment, it’s just him, alone.

The character of Hank Moody in the TV series ‘Californication’ exemplifies this dilemma well. Hank is a middle aged bachelor living a bohemian life as writer and womaniser in LA. Despite a huge abundance of casual sex, he’s prone to longing for his former longterm girlfriend and emotional around his daughter. The surname “Moody’ sums it up. Booze, weed, meltdowns, mess – classic bachelor hallmarks.

Players are certainly not immune to Oneitis. I’ve often said that playboys fall harder because of the lack of oxytocin in their lives. This explains why many legendary cads from Frank Sinatra to Hugh Hefner get married (multiple times) and lose both their frame and freedom. I call this Affection Addiction.

So is there a solution to the bored vs lonely conundrum? It’s very rare for a guy to pull it off, but a man can remain in the Secret Society and have a longer term relationship if it’s open and he continues to fuck new girls (with or without his girlfriend). Or a player can ensure his oxytocin levels are topped up with mini relationships (a few days or weeks here and there with girls as you travel), close male friendships and even female friends sourced from former fuck buddies.

Such “love bubbles” where you ensure that you’re getting enough affection from women whilst not compromising your freedom are the equivalent of divers using a network of air cylinders on a long dive to be able to stay under for longer.

It’s a tough balancing act that every guy in the Secret Society has to master. Enough adrenaline, dopamine and serotonin to stay single and horny, but also enough oxytocin to feel loved and human. Too much of either can dash you on the rocks.