1. Torero Playlist – March


    09/03/2017 by Tom Torero

    Each month I’ll put a new playlist up on Spotify with some horny Torero Tunes to keep your mojo up. …
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  2. “Women’s Day” Woe


    08/03/2017 by Tom Torero

    I emerged from my apartment in a central European city this morning to discover that almost all the girls and …
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  3. Daygame 3.0 (Part 1)


    06/03/2017 by Tom Torero

    Part 1 of my Daygame 3.0 seminar taking guys from intermediate to advanced with their daygame, texting, dating and relationships. …
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  4. Harnessing The Hunger


    04/03/2017 by Tom Torero

    “It is wise to direct your anger towards problems, not people; to focus your energies on answers, not excuses” William …
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  5. Raw Red Pill Truths


    03/03/2017 by Tom Torero

    This week’s daygame podcast is on the real biological meaning of the term “Red Pill.” I explain it in relation …
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  6. Torero Tips

    Leave a comment

    03/03/2017 by Tom Torero

    On my Instagram and Twitter I’m going to start putting out short & sweet daily Torero sayings, covering daygame, dating, …
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  7. Cold Calling (Part 28)


    01/03/2017 by Tom Torero

    COLD CALLING  TOM TORERO ©Tom Torero 2017 Preface Introduction Chapter 1 – FSU Girl Characteristics  Chapter 2 – Logistics Chapter …
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