Black Sheep Bandit Flag Rules

Raiders Of The Lost Ass


Black Sheep Bandit Flag Rules:

You can’t pay. So no hookers / Sugar Daddy etc

She was born in that country (birth passport)

Each flag can only be gotten once

You had p-in-v sex (bj / anal doesn’t count)

You don’t need to be in that country to get the flag

She’s ideally a 6+ (ask wing to verify)

You ideally met her during the day (no bars, Tinder etc)


“Where the world cums together”


My Flag Collection (as of 6th May 2019): 60*

UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania, Greece, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, USA, Canada, Jamaica, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru, Chile, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Japan, Korea, China, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Egypt, Turkey, Iran, Oman, Dubai


*I am not counting the Hong Kong, Taiwan, Wales, Scotland, England and Northern Ireland flags in my running total 

*  *  *  *  *

Indiana Bones And The Temple Of Poon

Leave your flag collections below in the comments. Bronze medal for 25, silver medal for 50, gold for 100 (and a free Round-The-World plane ticket for anyone who’s got all 185, including Vatican City and North Korea. Proof required!).

Daygame City Guide: Los Angeles


Population: 4 million (plus 7 million tourists per year)

Daygame Season: Year-round

Daygame Hotspots:

LA is a sprawling city and the daygame is in pockets. Get a hire car or use Uber to move between them.

  • Santa Monica 3rd St Promenade 
  • UCLA campus 
  • West Hollywood (Hollywood Blvd, Sunset, Melrose)
  • The Grove (big upscale mall)
  • Bonus areas: Venice, Abbot Kinney Blvd, USC, any Whole Foods


Example Date Venues:

  • Ye Olde King’s Head (British pub), 116 Santa Monica Blvd
  • Bar Chloe (chilled lounge bar), 1449 2nd St, Santa Monica
  • Adults Only (retro kink cocktail bar), 7065 1/2 Sunset Blvd


Where To Stay:

I used to stay in Santa Monica but on my last visit I got an AirBnB in West Hollywood which was surprisingly good for pedestrian game.


Daygame Los Angeles Videos:



Read about my Los Angeles daygame adventures in this book.

Daygame City Guide: Tokyo


Population: 9.2 million

Daygame Season: Year-round (but March – November pleasant)

Daygame Hotspots:

Tokyo is a vast city with the daygame concentrated in four distinct areas. Take the metro between them.

  • Shinjuku – World’s busiest train station. Do a loop of it on the shopping streets 
  • Shibuya – Hit the shopping streets near the crossing. Go into 109 mall
  • Roppongi – Nightlife area, more tourists, but shopping streets solid for game
  • Ginza – Upmarket shopping area, posher girls 
  • Bonus areas: Harijuku, train/metro station tunnels, Takashimaya Times Square mall 


Example Date Venues:

  • From Dusk Till Dawn (rock/metal bar), Kabukicho, 2 Chome-27-2
  • Dug Jazz Cafe/Bar (a Murakami bar with cocktails), 3 Chome-15-12
  • Albatros (cosy eclectic cocktail bar), 1 Chome-2-11

Be ready to use a Starbucks if the girl is timid and doesn’t drink


Where To Stay:

Choose one of those four daygame areas. I get an AirBnB near Shinjuku Station. Be warned that it’s an expensive city.


Daygame Japan Videos:


Read about my Japanese daygame adventures in this book.

Daygame City Guide: Sydney


Population: 4.5 million (plus 4 million tourists per year)

Daygame Season: Year-round (but September – May peak)

Daygame Hotspots:

  • Pitt Street (including mall)
  • George Street to Central Station
  • Circular Quay to Opera House
  • Darling Harbour
  • Bonus areas: Hyde Park, Bondi Junction, University of Sydney, Paddington


Example Date Venues:

  • Ramblin’ Rascal Tavern (underground bar), 199 Elizabeth St
  • Bavarian Beerhaus (steins of beer), 24 York St 
  • Stitch Bar (vintage cocktail bar), 61 York St


Where To Stay:

I usually get an AirBnB in the CBD near Pitt Street but if you’re on a budget then crash at the backpacker hostels in Kings Cross


Daygame Video Tour Of Sydney:


Read about my Australian daygame adventures in my book Torero Travels.

Daygame City Guide: Moscow


Population: 12 million (plus 17 million tourists per year)

Daygame Season: April – October

Daygame Hotspots:

  • Tverskaya to Okhotny Ryad mall 
  • Kuznestskiy Most
  • Nikolskaya
  • Old Arbat / New Arbat
  • Bonus areas: Patriarch Ponds, Evropeyskiy mall, Atrium mall

Avoid touristy Red Square and GUM


Example Date Venues:

  • Get Jerry (dark beer bar), Strastnoy Bul’var, 4
  • Let’s Rock (bar), Ulitsa Kuznetskiy Most, 4/3
  • Korobok (hidden cocktail bar), Ulitsa Bol’shaya Dmitrovka, 7/5


Where To Stay:

Get an AirBnB near Tverskaya / Kuznestskiy Most if you can afford it. Around New Arbat and Patriarch Ponds are also good.


Detailed Guide To Russian / FSU Daygame:

Daygame Mindsets


Tom Torero’s Key Daygame Mindsets:

1) First one’s the worst one

2) Stop predicting – go and find out

3) Go and prove yourself wrong

4) Someone is banging her – why not you?

5) Out there right now is a lonely horny Yes Girl

6) AA is good, it’s what stops other guys

7) You’ve done it before, you can do it again

8) There’s plenty to go around

9) Give to get. Spread the love

10) There are more nos than yeses 

11) She’s a naughty girl – be her secret

12) Girls want you to win

13) Daygame is good exercise 

14) Be grateful for being outside talking to girls

15) You deserve that beer / coffee / dinner afterwards 

*  *  *  *  *

Watch 16+ hours of me infield all over the world using these mindsets

Daygame City Guide: London

Classic route (red): Marble Arch to Trafalgar Square (+ Covent Garden)

Extras (blue): Bond Street, Tottenham Court Road, South Bank, Holborn


Population: 8.7 million (plus 30 million tourists per year)

Daygame Season: Year-round

Daygame Hotspots:

  • Length of Oxford Street
  • Regent Street
  • Carnaby Street 
  • Covent Garden
  • Long Acre / Seven Dials
  • Trafalgar Square
  • Bonus areas: Tottenham Court Road, South Bank, Bond Street, Camden, King’s Road, Kensington High Street

Avoid tour group / family traps of Big Ben, London Eye, Leicester Square


Example Date Venues:

  • Souk Medina (Harem-like tea place), 1a Short’s Gardens
  • Lamb & Flag (Dickensian pub), 33 Rose St
  • Aqua Spirit (Rooftop cocktails), 240 Regent St


Where To Stay:

If you can afford it, get an AirBnB in Soho or Covent Garden. If you’re on a budget get a cheap hotel in Paddington or Earls Court.


London Daygame Areas Podcast:

Daygame City Guide: New York City



Population: 8.6 million (plus 60 million tourists per year)

Daygame Season: April – October

Daygame Hotspots:

  • Union Square Park to Washington Square Park
  • Barnes & Noble, Whole Foods on Union
  • NYU University campus
  • Broadway through Soho 
  • 5th Avenue & 6th Avenue 
  • Bonus areas: Colombus Circle Mall, Central Park, Williamsburg

Avoid the tourist / family crowds of Times Square


Example Date Venues:

  • The Half Pint (Pub), 234 Thompson St
  • The Up & Up (Cocktail bar), 116 Macdougal St
  • Tom & Jerry’s (Lounge bar), 288 Elizabeth St


Where To Stay:

I usually aim for an AirBnB in Greenwich Village / Soho but it’s not cheap. I’ve also stayed in Harlem to save money and taken the metro in.


Daygame NYC Video Guides:


Sneaky Bastards: Top 20 Hustle Films

Naughty boys club

I’m often asked for film recommendations with themes related to pickup and seduction. If you’re looking for purely PUA inspiration then I’ve compiled a solid list of men to emulate with women.

For my favourite films in the wider hustle / heist category I’ve put together this post of the top 20 movies related to sneaky bastards, dirty tricksters and the Art of the Con. If I’ve missed out your favourite antihero then add them below in the comments…

*  *  *  *  *

The Hustler (1961) – Paul Newman hustles in the shady world of smoke-filled pool halls for glory and his sanity.


The Colour Of Money (1986) – Sequel to ‘The Hustler’ with Newman taking on an apprentice (Tom Cruise) who soon becomes his hustling competitor.


The Sting (1973) – Aspiring con man (Robert Redford) teams up with a pro (Paul Newman) to pull off a revenge heist against an old boss.


Get Carter (1971) – Carter (Michael Caine) is a London gangster heading to Newcastle to avenge his brother’s murder.


The Thomas Crown Affair (1968) – Bored millionaire Thomas Crown (Steve McQueen) plots to rob a bank without having to do any work himself.


The Italian Job (1969) – A British gangster (Michael Caine) plans a gold robbery in Italy using an elaborate traffic jam and some Mini Coopers


Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid (1969) – True story of two of the most likeable outlaws in history; Butch (Newman) & Sundance (Redford).


Goodfellas (1990) / Casino (1995) – A natural Scorsese pairing, Goodfellas is mob life power battles in NYC and Casino is the Vegas version


The Wolf Of Wall Street (2013) – True story of Jordan Belfort (DiCaprio) and his merry band of hustling brokers on Wall Street.


Jackie Brown (1997) – A very underrated Tarantino film about a flight attendant smuggling money for her pimp-like boss (Samuel L. Jackson)


Blow (2001) – True story of George Jung’s (Johnny Depp) rise and fall of drug trafficking for Colombia’s Medellin Cartel


Ocean’s Eleven (2001) – Danny Ocean (Clooney) puts together an eleven member team for an elaborate casino heist


The Usual Suspects (1995) – Con man Kint (Kevin Spacey) tries to convince the feds that an enigmatic ‘Keyser Soze’ is the real heist master


Catch Me If You Can (2002) – Based on the life of Frank Abagnale Jr (DiCaprio), a master of deception leading the FBI on a wild chase


Layer Cake (2004) – A London coke dealer (Daniel Craig) gets caught up in bigger hustles whilst trying to go on the straight and narrow


Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels (1998) – Four friends lose a game of high stakes poker and resort to robbing robbers, with big consequences


Sexy Beast (2000) – ‘One last job’ for ex-villain Gal (Ray Winstone) masterminded by his nemesis Don (Ben Kingsley)


Heat (1995) – Another ‘one last heist’ plan for a master criminal (De Niro) who’s being pursued by a unhinged lieutenant (Pacino)


The Old Man & The Gun  (2018) – True story of Forrest Tucker (Robert Redford), a bank robber and prison escape artist into his 80s

*  *  *  *  *

For some impressive TV series about the world of conmen, hustlers, grifters and tricksters then also look up the following:

Narcos (2015) – cocaine drug cartels

White Collar (2009) – ex-conman helps FBI

Sneaky Pete (2015) – another ex-con has a new identity

Peaky Blinders (2013) – post WW1 UK gang


*  *  *  *  *

And for a daygame movie inspired by all of the above then look no further than here: