Below The Belt Launch

Below The Belt Tom Torero


We’re about two weeks away from the launch of my new paperback book “Below The Belt: Secret Society Seductions.” 70,000 words of filthy lay reports, fuck ups and the darker side of game.

I’ll be doing a UK/Ireland book tour to coincide with the launch at the end of September if you want to get your grubby hands on a copy from me in person – details to follow once the release date is 100% confirmed.

McMating: The Global Sexual Market Place


This week’s daygame podcast explores the global DNA distribution network that is the international Sexual Market Place for dating and mating. Why is this cross-fertilisation welcomed by females but feared by males? How can you make use of attraction arbitrage in your travelling daygame? Why is now the best time in history to be a lover rather than a provider?

Black Sheep Award Report III

Fighting the beast of Approach Anxiety

Below is a summary report from Mr P in the USA on his Black Sheep Award mission. His main aim was getting over approach anxiety and going direct with cold approach pickup rather than using his social circle.

Mr P found the mission difficult and the anxiety very hard to crack, but after pushing himself solo on a second attempt he got 8 approaches done in his local area.

Approach Anxiety can be crippling and often underestimated. If you’re struggling to battle it yourself, use this audio guide to do some daygame warm ups or find a daygame wing in your area to push you.


I applied to take on the Black Sheep Mission because I felt my daygame had slipped and I really thought the challenge would be good for me. Before this, I hadn’t daygamed in maybe 6 months. I had built a stable of girls and a social circle that was a great resource for girls. But it was easy, comfortable, and when I thought about approaching women on the street, it made me nervous. So I felt like I had lost a bit of my edge and I was excited at the idea of getting on the street.

Overall, it was a mixed bag. Approach anxiety, and general lack of presence fucked me up, and was by far the most difficult sticking point for me. It always has been. I used to be the kid that was real shy until you got to know him, and then once you did, couldn’t get to shut up. So, on any day where I am anxious and lacking presence for one reason or another, it can be extremely difficult for me to get going. Sometimes I never do, (which is one of the worst feelings in fucking life). But once I am going, and get any kind of momentum, it’s ok. And that’s when I get 90% of my results.

I completed 8 approaches, had a few days off, and lost that momentum. As a result, I spent the last few hours of daygame wandering around not doing shit, trying to find it. Then Tom wanted me to mic up…It was like playing money golf for the first time, where you’re just shitting yourself getting out of the fucking cart. But I can see that the feedback is invaluable and have since been on the mic any time I go out in an effort to get more comfortable with it. Anyway, it has been a mission.

All in all, this mission was very humbling, and I learned a ton. I had a couple of very good sessions and met a couple of real hot girls. But really, it made clear me just how much I was depending on externalities to support my confidence, and where I need to put in work. That an overall lack of consistency is what is really holding me back in Game, and life in general. So I feel like I have to make a substantial effort to implement more processes and structure into my Game and life if I am going to achieve the success I want.

Mr P

Daygame Lay Report: Closing The Loop

A recent lay report to illustrate a Long Game example of closing the loop with a girl half a year after getting her digits: 

Back in March of this year I’d arrived in sub zero Vilnius, Lithuania; my first daygame stop on the Black Sheep Bandit van tour. It was down to minus ten degrees centigrade with snow on the ground as I hustled the streets wearing thermals, gloves and a woolly hat. Cold calling indeed.

After the first day’s dutiful ten approaches I headed back to the van to light a fire and defrost my limbs. I was too lazy to cook something from scratch so I dashed out across the street in my ski gear to a pizza restaurant a hundred yards away.

I put in my order with the male waiter and then sat at the bar to order a dark beer while I waited for the pizza to cook. A pretty blonde waitress appeared and fumbled with the beer taps, explaining in bad English that it was her first day on the job. She was Russian, from St Petersburg, recently arrived in Vilnius to move in with her boyfriend.

A day’s daygame puts you in auto-pilot flirting mode. I teased her about the dodgy beer that she’d poured, the fact that she was too small to see properly over the bar and that her only knowledge of English culture was Alice In Wonderland (she hadn’t even read the book, just mentioned seeing the Johnny Depp film).

I could feel a sexual spark between us because of her wide eyes and flushed cheeks, even though her male colleague kept appearing to instruct her with some bar procedure. I knew I had to close her, but the difficult bit with such situational daygame is getting contact details without others seeing.

When I paid for my beer I asked for a pen and scribbled my Facebook details on the receipt, handing it back to her as I picked up my pizza and headed for the door. Not ideal (I should have got her contact information) but the best of a tricky situation. Her male colleague was none the wiser.


Russian Girl Sex 1


Later that evening Alice In Wonderland sent me a friend request on Facebook. I added her and checked out her profile – sure enough her whole stream was full of photos of her and her boyfriend snuggled up in locations all over the city and their new apartment.

Texting with Russian girls is always short and sharp. They respond better to pragmatic not poetic. I bit the bullet and invited her out on the weekend. Her terse reply without investment or an alternative was the end of the road. I followed up other active leads and a few days later left the city to drive north. That was it – I’d forgotten about her as quickly as meeting her.

You can see that five months later she pinged me out of the blue, quite late at night (23:25). A player knows what this means. She’s horny and most likely newly single, messaging the guys in her phone that’s she kept on her radar.


Russian Girl Sex 2

I replied the following afternoon then bit the bullet once more, suggesting a date the following week. I was already heading to the Baltics to resume my daygame and follow up four other leads from the van tour so it was worth trying something with Alice In Wonderland.


Russian Girl Sex 3


I seeded things early on with “wine” and she responded positively, only to hint at cold feet on the evening itself when she messaged to say she was “cleaning at home” and didn’t know when she’d be free. Classic Russian abruptness.


Russian Girl Sex 4


In true Russian style she was late. Almost three hours late. However I took this as a good signal – if a girl pushes a date back to after 10pm then sex is on her mind for sure. She’d have known that bars closed around 11pm and so I felt confident the lay was on. I didn’t leave my apartment but chilled with my wing until 10.30pm when she said she was catching the bus. I headed down to the meeting point and pinged her a photo.


Russian Girl Sex 5


She eventually arrived just after 11pm wearing a skirt, heels and a low cut top. Fresh make up and smelling fantastic. The date was mine to fuck or fuck up.

I walked her to a wine bar across the street from my apartment and we sat in a dark alcove at the back, the grumpy waiter telling us he was closing in half an hour and that it was too late for us to buy a bottle to take out. This actually worked in my favour as we had to drink two consecutive glasses each quickly and it was straightforward to invite her home for drinks at mine.

I could write that the date involved some complex Game manoeuvres and convoluted escalation tactics but in reality she’d come to fuck. Sure enough she’d been single for only three weeks and all signals on the date pointed to the fact that she was horny (and ovulating). She was touching my tattoos, telling me about her former flings with bad boys and giving me anime eyes as the wine flowed.

At midnight we headed back to mine to smoke out of the window, drink the remainder of an open bottle of wine my wing had used the previous night and listen to music on the laptop. She put on Phantom Of The Opera, telling me she used to be a teenage goth and that it was her favourite storyline (much like Beauty And The Beast – the archetypal story explaining why women love bad boys).

Kissing by the window. Make out on the bed. Wandering hands. New notch.

Russian Girl Sex 6


Moral of the story: realise that loops can be closed months (even years) after they’re opened without you doing much. Remember that girls move in and out of committed relationships and that they don’t forget the player opportunities they encounter and store for later. Welcome dates that are late in the evening and don’t over Game if the window of opportunity presents itself. Your job is to pull the trigger, not unnecessarily delay things because a model says so.

The Danger Of Seduction Sentimentality

Danger Of Seduction Sentimentality

“The past is the only dead thing that smells sweet” – Cyril Connolly

A hustler can’t be mushy. A player can’t live longing for the past. A pickup artist can’t be sentimental about things in his rearview mirror.

There are seducers I know who get burnt by being overly romantic and sentimental. Despite having a talent for pickup they (willingly) get dragged back into their past. Common themes they’ll mention include:

  • dating and seduction being easier in times gone past
  • one particular city they wish to revisit to relive the ‘good ol’ days’
  • a particular girl they dated and how she sadly ‘got away’
  • how culture and society used to be so much better

Certain music, movies, books and art can amplify feelings of nostalgia, as can revisiting a place or a person. “If only I were back in the glory days,” they’ll sigh. “Life was much easier then…” 

Seduction sentimentality often signals neediness and Oneitis (caused by scarcity) which are both lethal to a player’s success. Standing still in Game is not an option – either you’re progressing onwards or sliding backwards.

A Black Sheep Bandit must be aware of this trap that kills forwards momentum, ambition, creativity and future joy. A seducer must maintain his love of the Game by switching things up, raising the bar and moving on to pussy pastures new.

Breaking The Daygame Rules


In this week’s daygame podcast from Munich I’m joined once again by Tony Hustle to metaphorically smash up pickup structure and see what remains.

We cover a lot of juicy material:

* Beginning with the end in mind
* Theory vs implementation 
* Why material matters at the start
* Limitations of a linear model (3D pickup infield vs a static 2D model)
* Personalisation of the model according to your character
* How to use the underlying pattern / formula to create new material on the go

Remember that the London Daygame Model is a heuristic tool, an artificial construct to get you from beginner to intermediate. After that you’ve got to look up from the map at the real world terrain in front of you.

Marilyn Manson Is My Wingman


Without fail on all my dates (and sometimes even on the street during my daygame) I find out what music the girl is into. Bieber or Beethoven? Steve Aoki or Arrested Development?

If she gives me a vague generic answer (“I like all types of music”) then I dig deeper, combining it with the verbal escalation question of finding out her “guilty pleasures.”

It’s one of my key pieces of intel to shed light on the girl’s Secret Society experience. More often than not I’m surprised at the answers she gives.

A shy, bookish student who seems like the sweet Girl Next Door might admit that she’s a huge metal fan. A petite Barbie-looking blonde might tell you she’s into hard Russian hip-hop.

Four girls this year (between the ages of 19 and 24) have given me the same answer: Marilyn Manson. None of those girls looked alternative or into metal / hard rock. Considering Manson was born in 1969 he’s not exactly ‘current listening’ for these girls, and certainly not clean cut.

They didn’t just listen to him casually, like having Ed Sheeran on in the background of an Uber ride. They loved him, almost to the point of obsession. It wasn’t Manson’s music, it was his persona: dark, controversial, borderline Satanic, links to Charles Manson, and his extreme polarising showmanship.

What’s this got to do with daygame and dating? It should come as no surprise that women like bad boys, the anti-hero, all things edgy and borderline dangerous. A figure like Marilyn Manson (however engineered) appeals to this part of her psyche, especially if she’s in her rebellious late teens to early twenties phase where casual sex is king.

Listen carefully to her answers and calibrate accordingly. What films is she into? What books does she read? As soon as I hear names like Manson or Fifty Shades of Grey then we down our beers and and I hail a taxi ready for the bounce home…

Daygame Filtering – Myth Or Method?


This week’s daygame podcast asks the question of whether we should be filtering girls on the street and on a date into different categories, changing our Game accordingly. Is the fashionable “quest for quality girls” a myth or a legit method?

Joining me on the podcast is Baltic daygamer St Robert who talks about his hustling journey and his thoughts on filtering.

The Daygame Mirror

Dayame is a mirror held up to yourself in many respects. It’s real world feedback about your Male Sexual Market Value, it’s a chance to stare back at your inner demons and, quite literally, it’s a process of your behaviours being mirrored by the girl:

-Before you go in, it’s you who has the Approach Anxiety (AA). After a few seconds being in set, it’s the girl who shows signs of AA

-Through complimenting and flirting, it’s first you who is giving off Indicators of Interest (IOIs) and attempting to deliver Demonstrations Of Higher Value (DHVs). From Hook Point onwards it’s the girl who is now giving off IOIs and DHVs. 

-Throughout the rest of the daygame, texting and dating, the aim is to mirror her pattern of IOIs and IODs to keep optimal tension. Calibration is exactly that.

An experienced player not only sees his reflection in the mirror but alters his behaviour accordingly. Like tango dancers who mirror their movements in synchronicity or a fisherman who can second guess what the fish is about to do, a good daygamer both reads and responds to this reflection.