Secret Society

In today’s podcast I lift the lid on the “Secret Society”…a fundamental concept in pickup and daygame. What do the sex lives of men and women really look like? Why do we cheat? How come only some guys are players? What do you have to do to get in?

Natural Highs

Dzień Dobry from Zakopany in Poland. I’ve taken a few days off daygame to hit the slopes with an adventurous girl and my compadre Mr A. It’s important to zoom out and dive into other flow states other than Street Hustling, remembering that life is beautiful, life is short and it needs to be grabbed by the horns!

Unleash The Beast

I’m on a rooftop in London describing last night’s animalistic, stealth seduction lay with an English doctor. The pickup was in a shop using Tiger Eyes, the Maradona Move, the Torero Toe to close distance, a low, slow voice and sexual Statements Of Intent. The date was quick and dirty, simply focussed on leading & escalating. To learn these Torero tools for yourself, check out my textbook Street Hustle.



I’m in Bayswater, London, retracing the steps of Michael Caine’s 1966 Alfie. Try and get your hands on the original play / novel by Bill Naughton, but the next best thing is to watch the movie online (avoid the Jude Law remake).

It’s the ultimate player movie, with all the key concepts explored: Lover-Provider, Frame, Polarity, Sex vs Affection, Secret Society. Plus an exceptionally pimp soundtrack from Sonny Rollins. What’s not to like?