Messy Pickup


I’m back from a New Year’s snowy seduction adventure, on my way to warmer climes, talking about why infield daygame pickup is never “perfect” but rather messy and chaotic.

Embrace this imperfection when it comes to girls, dating and life. Behind the scenes it’s never as smooth as it looks.

How To Have A Threesome


On the penultimate evening of 2016 I managed to bring two hot girls together for a threesome in my apartment. I’d daygamed, dated and slept with them independently and then merged them for an evening of pleasure. It’s the third proper MFF threesome I’ve managed since getting into pickup, so I thought I’d document how I did it.

First things first, it’s not logistically simple. Each time I’ve done it, one of the girls has been bisexual and my “assistant” in the proceedings. Through your daygame, dating and sexual encounters, you need to find a girl who’s up for wild experimentation and who’s slept with / into girls herself. Once you find a girl like this, it’s vital to keep her on your radar in a casual friends-with-benefits way. She’s your ticket to glory.

Independently, keep asking the different girls you sleep with through daygame if they find girls attractive, if they’ve kissed a girl, if they’ve fooled around etc. More girls than you think will eventually open up about their adventures with female friends. It certainly doesn’t mean they’re bisexual, just up for spontaneous fun. Understanding that most girls are willing to try things once is key. Their sexuality in the moment is far more fluid than for guys.

Once you’ve uncovered a girl who’s had some experiences with other girls in the past, start working out how you can introduce her to your bisexual girl. Logistics is everything, and you’re going to have to be the circus master. Both girls have independently slept with you more than once and know that you’re the boss. Your frame control and polarity needs to be on point. They’re ready to take your lead. You have to orchestrate things every step of the way, while not seeming pushy.

For this threesome just gone, I knew I was going to see the straight girl over New Years. In my messages I started dropping hints about the wild adventurous sex we were going to have, telling her we should try new things and live out our fantasies. I already knew about her love of being dominated, and her desire to try some light BDSM play. In one of the messages I mentioned that my “hot bisexual female friend” thought she was cute and that we could all have fun together.

This is where you really need to be sensitive to the minutiae of what’s going on. Her replies let me know her predictable concerns: she said she might get jealous, and that she wanted me all for herself. At the same time, she responded well to my photo pings of dominating photos like this:


how to have a threesome


The key to a threesome is dealing with potential problems before they come up. Remember these golden rules:


  • You need to put your attention on the straight girl. Make it (or make it seem) that it’s all about HER pleasure, not just a fantasy of yours
  • Don’t use the term “threesome.” Just say you’re all meeting for a party / drinks
  • Explain to the straight girl that it’s all about her and you. Your “female friend” is just your toy. 
  • Don’t make it seem planned. You mustn’t seem like a horny frat boy. 
  • Keep it about fun / exploration / adventure, which will bring out her horniness
  • Let them bond first over a glass of wine, some talking and relaxation
  • Start turning on the straight girl first by kissing her in front of your bisexual girl. Have sex with her while the bisexual girl watches. Let things progress from there
  • If you’re getting into BDSM, give her a safe word she can use if she wants things to stop at any moment


The best advice I can give is “if you make it about them, they will be make it about you.” 


I’d met up with my bisexual “wing” girl in the afternoon for a coffee, before I met the other girl later. I explained how things were going to work and why I was going to put my initial attention on the straight girl. We arranged that she’d come over in the evening when I sent her a text that the straight girl was horny.

Later that day I met up with the straight girl for drinks in a bar. I dropped hints that my “bisexual friend” who wanted to meet her was coming over later for New Year drinks and to say hi. The straight girl wanted to know more, so I explained how we “shouldn’t plan anything” and “just have fun, relax…to see if there’s chemistry.”

Back in the apartment around 8pm, I made sure to warm things up with the straight girl by playing around and introducing her to some of the dominating things I’d got to try with her…handcuffs, rope, a blindfold, my belt. I texted my bisexual girl to come over, and before long we were all sitting on the sofa, knowing what was about to happen but all of us nervous.

I let the girls get acquainted, put on some music, poured wine, then as planned I just started making out with the straight girl. Soon she was giving me a blowjob, and my bisexual girl just joined in. From there it was smooth sailing and the girls were all over each other.

After an hour or so my straight girl said she wanted some vodka rather than wine. I left the girls in the apartment while I popped downstairs to the shop opposite. When I came back in they had changed into outfits for me that the straight girl had brought with her (originally for her to wear, but now happy to share). The straight girl was in a maid’s outfit, the bisexual in a naughty school girl outfit. Taking those two from the sofa to the bedroom was easily the highlight of the year (perhaps the highlight of my pickup journey so far).

So that’s the framework you need for a threesome from your daygame leads. It’s all about filtering for the right girls to do it with once you’ve already slept with them independently, and then doing all the work to bring them together. You have to keep the frame at all times and lead, lead, lead. It’s certainly worth it 😉