English Girl Museum Infield

Many guys write to me and ask if daygame “works on English girls” or “if it’s possible to pickup a girl with a boyfriend.” This infield video reveals the answer.

As I explained in my last video, don’t be afraid of taking your Street Hustling off the street! Daygame works anywhere – stores, stations, cafes or museums, like here.

Learn my complete daygame hustle toolkit here to be able to do this yourself.

High Pressure Daygame


Most daygamers avoid approaching girls indoors (stores, cafes, stations etc) because of the added social pressure and increased anxiety. They worry that people are judging or that security will interfere. This is known as the “Spotlight Effect” where we focus too much on what others might be thinking.

Watch as I do a quick & simple approach and number close on a girl buying a bra in Victoria’s Secret. I’m faced with poor English, time pressure, a shop assistant and an onlooker. Yet the fear is just in our minds. We must walk towards that fear.