Torero’s Ten Commandments

  1. Thou shall build up thy Sexual Market Value in all areas
  2. Thou shalt always hold the frame
  3. Thou shalt always be willing to walk away
  4. Thou shalt lead and escalate
  5. Thou shalt embrace rejection as thy teacher
  6. Thou shalt not hide thy dick
  7. Thou shalt not be ashamed of being a man
  8. Thou shalt give her the gift of chasing thee
  9. Thou shalt conquer procrastination with action
  10. Thou shalt takes risks to escape thy comfort zone.


Here ends the lesson. Go in peace my son 😉


Non-Monogamous Relationships

In this week’s podcast I’m joined by Caleb from to talk about all things non-monogamous. Caleb’s been successfully maintaining a bunch of open relationships beyond One Night Stands for the last decade, as well as travelling the world and building a passive income. Pour yourself a whiskey and settle in for an enlightening half hour of Black Dragon gold.

Cold Calling (FSU Daygame Book)

2009-07-18T06-55-58 -- DSC_0057

“It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma” Churchill

I’m halfway through my new book (paperback & Kindle) entitled “Cold Calling.” It’s a guide to daygaming in the Former Soviet Union, with 30 new lay reports plus practical advice and logistical information. My aim is to finish it by the end of the summer.

In the last five years I’ve lived and daygamed in almost all of the Former USSR countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Next month I’ll complete the list by visiting Moldova.

I’ve also daygamed in all of the former Iron Curtain countries: Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and East Germany.

The new book will contain city maps for daygame areas, accommodation advice, safety briefings, costings etc, as well as profiles for the types of girls from each country.

I’m keen to get your input on what else you’d like in the book. What questions would you like answered about these countries and these girls? Leave your thoughts below, but please don’t ask about online dating, tinder or SugarDaddy game, which I’ve no experience of and which I’d heavily advice against in the FSU.

It’s quite ironic that I spend so much time in these countries when my father escaped from them in the late 1960s to find freedom in the West. He’d certainly agree with me though that Slavic girls are the hottest on the planet, despite being some of the hardest to pull.