Draw The Line


I’m back in Europe explaining why boundaries need to be drawn early in Game. Setting the right frame and establishing the correct male-female polarity needs to be done from the off, as every good teacher or parent knows.

To learn more about frame control and becoming the lover rather than the provider, check out my daygame textbook Street Hustle which goes through these topics in detail.

10:10 Challenge


Starting tomorrow (11th April 2016) your challenge is to go out for the next 10 days straight and cold approach 10 girls each day using direct daygame. Never done an approach before? Use this audio to get you started.

Click through to the actual Youtube video and leave a log of your progress underneath in the comments section for your chance to win some free Skype coaching with me.

Female Fantasies Disclosed


I’m near the Ukrainian boarder discussing Nancy Friday’s book My Secret Garden. It’s recommended reading for all guys who want to lift the lid on what girls really fantasise about sexually, even the “chaste good girls.”

For the biological explanations to these Secret Society urges, make sure to read The Evolution Of Desire (David Buss) and Sperm Wars (Robin Baker) too.