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Who Is Tom Torero?


“Nomadic daygame delinquent, global Street Hustler, outlaw vlogger & blogger, troubadour teacher & speaker, Black Sheep author, and a very naughty boy who grabs life by the horns!”




Where Can I Stalk Him?

15 thoughts on “Start

  1. Bruce says:


    Did you take down badass Buddha? Not able to find it anywhere here. Can you tell me where I can get it?

    You are an awesome teacher by the way. I love how you break things down step by step and provide reasons for each step.


    • Tom Torero says:

      Cheers Bruce, “Badass Buddha” has been upgraded and replaced with my complete Game textbook “Street Hustle.” Thanks for the support mate πŸ™‚


  2. Salahuddin says:

    Hi Tom,

    Will you release another video-based product again?


  3. rk4g10 says:

    Please come to Melbourne Man. Please. You’ve so sick it’s ridiculous. I would love o learn from a guy like yourself.



  4. Jesse says:

    Tom T. is an absolute beast. By far the best day game in the market. And I’m in the U.S., so we’re talking global, mang. He walks the walk, and really goes the extra mile with his podcast content and VLOGS. Huge fan.


  5. Brian Watson says:


    having both the GFS and your street hustle book, im looking at your two date models, the ones that look like a clock.. but they are both very different to each other…. and its confusing, which one am i to follow? can you explain the difference? thanks mate.


  6. rk4g10 says:

    hey Uncle Tom πŸ˜›

    Any plans to come to Melbourne ? Please do it.


  7. leo rivera says:

    When will you sell your street hustle book via amazon kindle? I will buy it at $81 bucks


  8. caleb lally says:

    Hey Tom, are u planning to come new zealand or possibly australia in the near future


  9. Johan says:

    Tom, I assume that there might be some differences in how all of this can be used in different countries. Do you have any experience of Sweden and if so, is there anything that is good to be aware of that might be somewhat particular for Sweden when it comes to seduction and daygaming?


    • Tom Torero says:

      Girls are girls, biology is biology. Don’t worry too much about big cultural differences. Daygame works really well in Sweden as the girls are very open to it. Stockholm’s the ideal city to practice in.


  10. f43a97 says:

    Hey tom, any plans on releasing street hustle on kindle? I really want your book but the price is a bit out of my budget….


  11. TENGAME says:

    Anyone who rips the books, or PUA courses won’t get anywhere. That taking mindset, that selfish intent is likely to be the biggest obstacle for them. I’m buying. You do some great work. Looking forward to it! Thanks

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