Street Hustle

Stree Hustle Tom Torero

Don’t hate the player or the Game


Step inside the secret world of the daytime pickup artist. Learn the rules of the Game and how to bend them in stealth seducer style. This book by Tom Torero reveals the tricks, tips, hacks and cheat codes for becoming a master Street Hustler.


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314 pages hardback – ships worldwide 


Learn how to stop that stunning girl walking down the street in broad daylight. Spark attraction, take her number, seduce her on a date and seal the deal. It’s all in here, step-by-step:


* Part One: INTRODUCING THE HUSTLE. The biology underpinning dating and mating

* Park Two: TORERO’S HUSTLE TOOLKIT. Mindsets, daygame, texting, dating

* Part Three: 100 MOST COMMON HUSTLE QUESTIONS. Top 100 daygame questions

* Dirty Dozen. Case Study, tick-lists, tables, recommended reading & watching


Find out how to get the hottest girls without the benefit of looks, money or fame. Learn why you never need to use dating apps or set food in nightclubs ever again. Gain access to the “Secret Society” of daytime players, raiding the vault to obtain the blueprints for charisma, persuasion, influence and action taking. 


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Why do Nice Guys finish last? What are the secrets of the Bad Boys? Why do men and women cheat? Why do some guys get all the girls? Tom Torero answers these key questions and much more by breaking down the biology of lust and love.


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Clear, concise, practical and actionable, this heist-of-hearts textbook from the world’s most experienced daygamer lays everything out from A-to-Z. Learn how to beat the house by improving your odds with skill, not luck.



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